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    Top 5 Tips To Prepare For Stress-Free Travel

    Top 5 Tips To Prepare For Stress-Free Travel

    Remember Murphy’s law: what can go wrong, will go wrong.

    When travelling away from home and abroad, things can go awry and derail your trip pretty fast. Missed connections, bad or unsanitary hotels, travelling to dangerous places; and that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the stresses of travel.

    You can take the angst out of travel by using a bit of Scout logic: be prepared! Here are the top five tips so you can prepare for stress free travel.

    Do your research and read reviews

    Before you book hotels or flights – or even buy your luggage – you should read reviews about your intended destination and temper expectations accordingly. Yes, that budget hostel is cheap, but is paying a bit extra for somewhere safe and secure money well spent? What do verified user reviews say? When you know what you’re in for, pack your bags and carry-on luggage to suit your needs. You’ll be glad to have everything you need on hand and not run into any nasty surprises.

    Book early and save

    Booking early – no more than six months in advance – can help save you money on flights and possibly accommodation. Booking too late will attract higher prices, but booking too early (over six months) may mean paying more as airlines are more conservative that far ahead. Booking flights over off-peak days such as during the week or times such as early in the morning may also help you save a bit on airfares as well.

    Flexibility is key

    Sometimes being flexible and going with the flow can help you avoid stress while travelling. Going a day earlier and offering to work remotely or take time in-lieu may help you avoid multiple connections or stopovers – and if you have travelled, you know how many things can go wrong when those are involved! Be flexible with activities and plans – they may fall through on the day due to weather and other issues, so be good with whatever your travels throw your way.

    Check travel advisories

    Before you jet off to any country you should always check government travel advice that can warn you of potential dangers. You should also have multiple copies of your travel documents and prescriptions, as well as any medicines you may need accompanied with a doctor’s note. You should also register yourself with SmartTraveller and share your itinerary with friends or family and check in at regular intervals to ensure your safety.

    Make sure your insurance covers you

    When travelling, we must get cover for our trip. However, some travel insurance fine print may leave you out in the lurch if certain weather events occur. For example, some resorts may not be covered by travel insurance as they are in known high-risk hurricane areas. Other premiums may cover lost luggage but not flight delays. Make sure you know exactly what’s included in your coverage. You should ask how much your excess may cost if you claim, whether certain cancellations or delays are covered, as well as inclusions or exclusions for certain dangerous activities.

    By following all these steps, you too could have a stress-free, easy travel experience!

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