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    Top Travel Apps: Foursquare

    Top Travel Apps: Foursquare

    Find a better experience, anywhere in the world.

    The Foursquare app helps you discover new places, with recommendations from a community you trust. In 2009, Foursquare introduced checking in and real-time location sharing with friends. FourSquare is gold for finding nearby places to eat, including local restaurants and things to do.

    Photo by Dillon Saw.

    “Checking in” has been upgraded to something even bigger! With Foursquare, it’s not about “checking in” to a location so that your friends know where you are. It’s all about what is going on around you – and the Foursquare app is perfect for this, using half of a decade’s worth of data to put together an accurate and exciting listing about what is happening.

    Foursquare takes a user’s history to build a profile of the types of places they are more than likely to enjoy. It uses a location-awareness feature that offers suggestions even when the app is closed, which is pretty neat! These can be disabled if you’d like, but we doubt you’ll want them to be.

    It’s simply more than just an app. It’s a social platform used to enrich, enlighten, and enliven your life. Try it out today and see what you’ve been missing!

    See how Howcast demonstrates how to get the most out of your Foursquare app.


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