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    Tub Talk

    Tub Talk

    Fresh off the runway of Portland Fashion Week 2023 at Mercedes Benz comes a driven Influencer/Mother who is wife to a disabled Air Force Veteran.

    Key Spouse at her husband’s squadron, she maintained spousal arrivals overseas at Andersen AFB, in Yigo, Guam.

    In “Tub Talk,” a laid-back monthly livestream, viewers find Ruth perched on the edge of their bathtub. Hosted every first Sunday in the streaming season, the show delves into the world of cosplay, offering glimpses into their own experiences and those of guest cosplayers. “Tub Talk” also shines a spotlight on small, BIPOC-owned businesses and artists, amplifying their voices and talents. Notably, all the graphics and promotional materials for the show are crafted by Ruth, adding a personal touch to the unique platform.

    A few co-hosts (@mello_from_mars & @mymindfulmadness), also bring fresh ideas/opinions to Tub Talk.

    Photographer: AnyWay

    Female Model: Ruth Ann | IG: @ladycosbae

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    Tub Talk

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