The Lumberjack

Outside the realm of polish and poshness, this series sets out to discover gloss and grandeur in places and people often pictured on the polar opposite end of the world of glamour. A lumberjack strolling in an open ground by a distant lake, with trees thinly dotting a landscape that appears flat in the overhead sun.

The sheer stillness of the setup is unsettling until one starts to notice the glitter on his bare body, as the sun reflects through his skin lined in sweat. His kind of daily chores effortlessly shapes up his flesh into one among the most celebrated body-types of the star-studded industry. The artfully crafted pendent around his neck carries another unheard story, a fragment of an unexplored dream, aborted by an unforgiving compulsion. No less than a diamond in the dark!

But what stands out is the poise that he wears on his face inspite of the remorse that keeps burning him every time he chops off the trees that unconditionally shade him from all seasonal and emotional wraths.

Photographer: Siddharth Shankar Sahu | IG: @siddharthshankar09

Model: Sandeep Sai | IG: @aboyfromvillage | @The Claw Models

Assistant: Vaishali Sahu | IG: @san.dproductions

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    The Lumberjack

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