Walk To The Meadow

Summer can be the most beautiful time to explore the wonderful rolling countryside, but sometimes you even don’t need to go far from the city to enjoy it.

Amazingly, but a big part of London is green! The capital has beautiful local parks, woodlands, community gardens, meadows, and riversides. Just stay curious, look around, and explore the local areas! This is how we found this meadow: getting out on a tube station that we’ve never visited before. And our adventure turned into a beautiful photoshoot with a golden sunset. The gift of an ordinary day.

Photographer: Marina Tsaregorodtseva | IG: @oh_marfuta

Model: Nataliya Ortynska | WB: @nataliyaortynska

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    Walk To The Meadow

    by The Editors Of The Fox Magazine Time to read this article: 1 min