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    Content Marketing

    Promoting your brand with creative direction through publish-ready content submission.

    We have a variety of options including exclusive content such as (behind-the-scenes images/videos, newsletter campaigns, events, social media giveaways, bonus podcasts, in-depth articles, cover stories, etc.) can be paired to help cater to loyal readers who are happy to pay extra money to support everyone’s work that’s involved.


    1. Professional Content
      By partnering, the quality of content will increase by each partner utilizing their respective audience better than anyone.
    2. Cheaper
      Mutual partnerships are an inexpensive way to share a wide audience.
    3. Faster Reach
      The Fox Magazine will speed up a partners content marketing strategy.
    4. Measurements
      Analytics of partnership provided by The Fox Magazine.


    •  ROI: Engagement the number of times your audience interacts with a page by liking a post, commenting on it or sharing it.

    •  Website Traffic: A measure of increased viewers that visit The Fox Magazineʼs website.

    •  Reach Indicator: Of the overall number of individuals following and visiting, their geographic location and frequency of their visits.

    •  Mentions by Key Influencers: The number of mentions by users identified as key influencers due to their regular engagement with your organizationʼs network.

    •  Revenue: Measure of monetary return on services offered to partners.

    Key partnership categories are listed below, but are not limited to:

    Photography: Gear / Optic Manufacturer

    Travel: Hotel / Airline / Automotive

    Music: Record Label / Lounge / Club / Festival

    Fashion:  Apparel / Accessories / Haircare / Make-up / Skincare

    Food + Drink: Restaurants / Health / Water / Energy Drink / Wine / Beer 

    Tech: Innovation / App

    Lifestyle: Spa / Fitness / Vacation

    All pricing is $USD. Worldwide coverage available.

    Branded Advertorial – $99

    Submit premium press release information that your brand wants to share with the public and we will handle the creative direction.

    Cover Story – $199

    Creation of a detailed article sharing the story of your brand. We will research the assets, copy text, and handle the creative direction. Cover stories are also featured on the homepage and rotate in our Editors’ Picks for 4-6 weeks.

    Product Review by The Fox Magazine Team – $249

    Our team will research, write, create, format, and publish an advertorial promoting your selected product and brand’s story. The article will be saved to pending review status for you to check before final publishing.

    In addition to these options, we also like to do a pay-for-play. What is a pay-for-play? You’ll provide us with samples and a press release, we’ll then produce a feature story promoting the brand and product in a subtle but inspiring presentation.


    The internet connects us all. Our global distribution engages audiences who are passionate about the content they follow. We optimize your advertising for cross-promotional campaigns that maximize your impact.

    Instagram – $75 per sponsored post

    Instagram is a true hub for connecting with a global audience. Creating a sponsored post through our platform is guaranteed reach.

    Facebook – $50 sponsored per post

    Facebook is a great place for convenience. For anyone needing to reach a mass audience that will engage and buy, this option is for you.

    Pinterest – $35 per sponsored post

    Pinterest is a great platform for conversion. Rather it’s a campaign, survey, or just a new announcement, let us help share your story.