iASO Records Is Proud To Announce A New Release “Bachata Haiti” To The Dialog On Immigration

Bachata Haiti brings together communities in conflict over the plight of economic refugees. Haiti, the poorest country in the Western ...


6 Ways DIY Musicians Have More Power Than Ever

Why a music-based life can be pitch-perfect! Sometimes it can feel like your path as a DIY musician is paved ...


The Sound & Synchronicity of Sara Abbas

Singer and songwriter as well as an entrepreneur, Sara Abbas founded and serves as CEO of Ev0lver, Inc. (, a ...


How One Man’s Vision is Revolutionizing the Architecture Industry

Matthew Rosenberg is a designer and entrepreneur who set out to revolutionize the industry of architecture and change history. By ...


Chex Is Full Of Possibilities

Chex Cereal may look simple and straightforward, but if you take a closer look inside you’ll see every piece is ...


Saunak Shah Travels 21+ Countries In 1 Year To Defy Barrier Between Virtual & In-Person Connections

Pursuit of Portraits (PoP) founder and photographer Saunak Shah has reached the final stretch of his year-long project, The Global ...






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Zigzagzurich Launches New Artist Wool Blankets Aw 18/19 Collection

The new ZigZagZurich Artist Wool Blankets Collection adds an exciting new roster of artists from around the globe. From the ...


6 Eastern European Women’s Clothing Brands That Are Killing It

These six fashion-forward brands prove that European brands are making moves to define the hottest trends of tomorrow. Eastern European ...


Out Of The Box Gift Ideas from Buster + Punch and Mystic Journey Crystals

Looking for a gift that’s anything but ordinary? Buster + Punch and Mystic Journey Crystals provide unique ideas that will ...


New Jewelry Line from Designer/Entrepreneur Vivian Storms

Viv Storms Fine Jewelry launches its new line of exceptional jewelry, fashioned from one-of-a-kind, original cold-glass artwork produced by her ...

Food-2-02 (1)

Fox Restaurant Concepts Curating Culinary Experiences Across U.S.

Discover how two of its highly popular eateries: Olive & Ivy and The Henry will continue to surpass expectations in ...


Rule Breaker Snacks Rebel Against Conventional Treats

Ah, the chickpea. We love it in salads, stews, as hummus dip and more. But who knew this beloved legume, ...


Turkish Airlines Implements New Dining Programs

Turkish Airlines implements two new dining programs to provide better service to its business class passengers flying intercontinental. Meal Selection ...


Pops Of Color With Jay Thompson

These meals share how the right food can give you comfort right after eating it while adding pops of color to ...

Tech-2-02 (1)

Diggs’ Innovative Revol Dog Crate Now Available Online After Successful Kickstarter

After raising more than $85K on Kickstarter, the Revol crate retails online with additional sizes and accessories to come. Diggs, ...


Alternative Realities With Alt + Ctrl + K

ALT+CTRL+K blends original music and virtual reality with an emphasis on the abstract and subconscious. Alt+Ctrl+K creates original music as ...


Beyond Social Is Changing The Reality Of Real Estate

Beyond Social helps forward-thinking realtors succeed in digital culture with products and services that bring active engagement. Designing all products ...


Best Apps for Meeting People and Making Friends in a New City

Making friends has never been so easy. As consumers spend countless amount of hours on their phones daily, there’s no ...