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    In honor of the winter season approaching, we decided to put together a short list of recipes that will ignite your holiday spirit.
    Gynarchy is a post-apocalyptic manless experimental tale of a three-generation family of women that navigate life in an all-female colony that is interrupted when they find an opposing group of
    Photography is the main category of The Fox Magazine and that is why every month we curate the 7 best photos captured by our community from #thefoxmagazine hashtag on Instagram!
    The anthemic new song dominates with a chant-like hook warning audiences of Lola’s reign, a reign that's only just getting started.
    Miami-born, Los Angeles-based artist, Anie Delgado, releases a six-track offering: You Ruined Forever, a self-confessed breakup album about healing, despite lacking closure.
    Clinical lecturer of nutrition and dietetics, Christy Tunnel shares six important tips for staying healthy during the food indulging seasons.
    This guide will explore products with good solutions for everyday problems. If you want to make the most out of the items around you or learn how to make your
    At this exhibition, there will be 7 other emerging artists with ARTLANTA to showcase their work along with millions of dollars worth of art for sale at the event.
    This gift guide is a chocolate lover's dream. For a lot of us, chocolate has been a therapy, a medicine, and a solution to all the problems of the world.


    Akon discusses his new single “Enjoy That,” love for traveling, who inspires him most, conversations with Michael Jackson, philanthropy, making a TikTok EP, & more!

    Born in Queens, NY, and raised in South Florida, Johnny Billionz has a sound like no other. At the age of 13, he cultivated his passion growing up by writing songs, producing, mixing, mastering, and rapping.

    Muad Elghanai, better known as “YoItsModey,” continues to make waves in music, brand development, and fashion design.

    Determined to be a movie star since the age of 3, Angela has cultivated a prosperous acting career that has landed her on the hit FX TV series Snowfall, available to stream on Hulu.

    Jason Corcoran is a Newport Beach-based photographer capturing the most impeccable images of the ocean and nature.

    Prescod has photographed many actors, actresses, and celebrities including Nick Cannon, Meg Hennessey, David Holmes, Nicholas Podany, Jessica Frances Duke and many many more.

    Spags is a professional Electric Violinist, as well as the owner of a boutique entertainment company, Spags Music Entertainment, and Spags Music Weddings.

    Now with more vision than ever, ARTLANTA is making his mark on the art world with his recent art piece of Muhammad Ali selling to Keenan Beasley for over $40,000. 

    Madison Martina is an American model, influencer, and blogger. Her work ranges from print work, promotional work, magazine publications, editorial to e-commerce modeling, commercials, and more.

    The latest and greatest music from unique artists also are featured on our Release Radar playlist.

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