Meet Khalia Ervin, Founder Of Unity And Community-Focused Brand: Sankofa Athletics

Sankofa Athletics was founded in Los Angeles, CA by Khalia Ervin on May 1st, 2019. We interviewed with Khalia to discuss her upbringing, journey of starting a rising fashion brand, biggest inspirations, and advice for aspiring entrepreneurs.


Go Sockless With LONO: The Ultimate Sneaker To Simplify An Active Lifestyle

Leveraging all-natural, organic materials, LONO is the insanely breathable and comfortable shoe with the convenience and freedom of a flip flop but the look and support of a sneaker.


Making Shopping Easier Than Ever With Interactive Videos

CEO of Detroit-based Clicktivated Inc., Chris Roebuck has been a member of the business and technology communities for over a decade. Clicktivated’s “consumer first” mindset has played a pivotal role in every aspect of the company, and remains the primary reason why it is a leader in the interactive video industry.


The Increasing Popularity Of Plant-Based Diets

Going plant-based is not a diet, so much as a general approach to well-being. There’s no need to count calories or stress about macros.


Between Gospel Roots And A Southern Soul With Alex Harris

A modern soul singer with Gospel roots, Alex Harris is one of the leading creative architects and performers of new-age soul music. 


Foods That Improve Circulation

Slower circulation can cause muscle aches and cramps, coldness in the hands and feet, digestive issues, and distracting numbness. Fitness Expert, Andrea Marcellus, recommends the types of foods to improve circulation.


Five Night Photography Techniques To Know

Nighttime photography, a struggle for most photographers. The rules are completely different at night, it is a whole different ball game. If you're not comfortable with your camera this can be really intimidating.



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