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    The Fox Magazine is a premier source of inspiration for those who seek to impact the world and live a fulfilling lifestyle. Along with an active readership, we work with a broad network of creatives, brands, and influencers around the globe. The platform gives the opportunity to those who are looking to expose themselves to the world and increase exposure for anyone involved.

    Since 2016, our editorial team has covered a diverse selection of lifestyle content all deep-rooted in photography, food, travel, music, fashion, and technology. We care about improvement. When we add our voice to share the news and announcements, our readers listen. The Fox Magazine is carefully curated through visual excellence and the latest happenings.

    We provide a complete portfolio of lifestyle content to the needs of our readers in print + digital + event. Content is also easily accessible on desktop and mobile devices.


    Discover the best lifestyle products on the web, curated by a community of dreamers The Fox Shop features new and exciting products to connect creatives + brands from all around the world. With community being our primary focus, we want everyone to have a chance to advance their lifestyle.

    We’re not worried about the glamour of finally making it, but the risks, the challenges, and tools along the journey. This is how the entire Fox brand was born.

    Our mission is to inspire by those who never give up on that dream. The Fox represents more than just an animal or a cool logo, but a symbol of dream chasing.


    The annual pop-up event showcases a range of forward-thinking artists + brands using an interactive environment. A true welcoming place for people to release their stress, interact and enjoy time with friends & family through interactive art.

    We will continue to uphold this tradition by endless support to artists and brands from around the world in their commitment to making significant art with impact.

    Curated to be unlike any other experience, the event will feature some of most forward-thinking minds in modern culture to high-energy musical acts to a shopping floor that can’t be missed to live social media walls and art installations.

    The Fox Festival is part-festival, part-exhibition that makes obsessions accessible.