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    Louis York Releases New Single “Don’t You Forget”

    Louis York Releases New Single “Don’t You Forget”

    Acclaimed Nashville based recording artists Louis York have released their new single “Don’t You Forget” today via all digital and streaming platforms.

    Off their forthcoming debut album, American Griots, out October 18th, “Don’t You Forget” marks a new era for the Grammy-nominated musicians, displaying a rich, sprightly introduction to the project, all the while showcasing a testament to the power of love, replete with warm harmonies, head-bobbing grooves and an instantly hooky chorus.

    “When Louis York first started, we would call ourselves ‘The Two Man Earth Wind and Fire’ or ‘The Black Hall and Oates’” explained Chuck Harmony.  “This track “Don’t You Forget” is an ode to those monikers.. uplifting, catchy soul music…”

    “’Don’t You Forget’ sounds like a big celebration, on purpose” added Claude Kelly.  “We want the world to remember that joy still needs to be a part of the equation.  This is our debut album and we had to blast off with a song that aims straight for the heart. It’s premium soul music.”

    American Griots will feature an ambitious set of 15-new tracks, stretching the duo’s range both sonically and stylistically as the sole producers and songwriters.  “I Wonder,” featuring contributions from Nashville poet Caroline Randall Williams, tackles a wider message about the world at large, evoking a conversation on what our activist predecessors would have thought about it. The country-inspired track “Teach Me a Song,” features acclaimed country singer, songwriter Jimmie Allen, and is a clear album highlight, showcasing Harmony and Kelly’s undeniable ability at pop-ballad song craft.

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    Louis York Releases …

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