Zappix, Inc. Visual IVR Implemented by Major Retailer to Improve Self-Service

A major US retailer has seen a positive ROI after choosing Zappix Visual IVR for employees’ self-service.

Zappix, Inc., a leading provider of cloud-based Visual IVR platforms improving digital self-service and transforming the user journey during contact center interactions, has delivered a positive ROI for a major distributed US retailer with over 100,000 employees that implemented their solution for human resources use.

Retail Visual IVR Self Service Customer Care provides an innovative virtual web-app environment for smartphones, has had tens of thousands of interactions since its implementation. The service has helped the retailer deflect calls and lower costs at their internal contact center handling queries about employment, benefits, leave of absence, verification of employment, and other interactions related to HR.

The Visual IVR platform has averaged a 95% call containment, referring only 5% of calls to a live contact center agent. The self-service web-app sparked a pronounced reduction in the number of live agent interactions regarding employee related policies, such as vacations, internal career changes, and payment queries like Form W-2 requests and direct deposit receipts. Zappix technology has saved thousands of hours for both employees and HR contact center agents.

Yossi Abraham, Zappix President said

“I am pleased to enhance the internal and external efficiencies of enterprises using our Visual IVR and self-service platforms,”  “Our technology has deflected thousands of calls every month for this customer. That volume would have otherwise taken 4-5 agents to handle. With Zappix automation completing the tedious yet time-consuming queries making up the majority of contact center calls, we’ve freed up this retailer’s agents to focus on more complex, high-value interactions and their employees to spend more time with their customers.”

Using the Zappix platform, employees found a more efficient, direct method for many human resources tasks, including:

  • Viewing holiday and leave of absence dates
  • Accessing and editing work schedules
  • Checking their payment status
  • Downloading their 2017 Form W-2
  • Watching informative training videos
  • Quickly and easily connecting with an IT helpdesk
  • Learning about company policies

Zappix technology gave employees the opportunity to complete these tasks on their own, without requiring input from contact center agents.

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