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    Picking Scrubs For Petite Women

    Picking Scrubs For Petite Women

    When you are a petite woman, picking clothes out that fit can be difficult at the best of times; then, with that in mind, picking scrubs out that fit can be even harder!

    Working as a nurse can be a very rewarding career and can provide an abundance of potential avenues to pursue, from working as a doctor, to hospital administration.

    More so than ever during this current global pandemic are we reliant upon healthcare professionals, from doctors to nurses, and every other person on their staff. With such reliance on them, it is important that our nurses receive the best quality clothing and equipment, and with scrubs being the most fundamental piece of equipment for a nurse, it is absolutely imperative that they have scrubs that fit – so, if you are a petite woman, here is how to pick scrubs that will fit you!

    Shop Comparatively

    As with any item of clothing, it is important that you shop comparatively. There are not many retailers for good quality scrubs, they are mostly mass-produced and one size fits all affairs, but still, if you look around you should be able to find some, the professionals from specialize in locating and reviewing the best scrubs on the market, and it is important that you find a specialist of this nature so that you too can find the scrubs that best fit you. Shopping comparatively will allow you to make the best purchasing decision and check out all of the manufacturers and distributors.

    If you are having trouble finding anywhere to shop comparatively then of course you should first consult the reviews as aforementioned, as they will quite frequently offer the best places for you to pick up scrubs, whether online or in-store, and failing that, check out internet forums.

    You should be able to find a medical or healthcare forum that has a lot of members who formerly were nurses, or are currently, and they should be able to advise you the best place to find scrubs that would fit your petite physique. Failing that, it may be worthwhile to ask people in your workplace of a similar build where they found their scrubs. You may be stuck for a while having to wear the hospital issue one size fits all scrubs, but with a little due diligence and some research, you should be able to find a pair of scrubs that fit you.

    Consider a Tailor

    The good thing about scrubs is that they can often be very baggy and quite unflattering. With clothing of this nature, you should, if it has very few pockets, be able to get it tailored to fit you a little better – you can ask a tailor to reduce the sleeves and pant legs, and therefore it should fit you better – a tailor should theoretically also be able to bring it in more so it is less baggy and more complimenting to your figure. Of course, with scrubs, you do not want it to compliment you too much, but still, if it fits you then it is a bonus and much better than walking around in scrubs two sizes too big that make you look like you are drowning in blue polyester!

    You should be conservative in how reduced your scrubs are and make sure the tailor does not make it a slim fit, as scrubs are baggy for a reason, and will often require pockets, so by bringing it in too much the tailor could seriously distort it and make you look like you are disproportionate.

    Make Sure You Have Your Measurements on Hand

    When you are looking for any specific items of clothing the best thing you can do is have your measurements on hand. By having your measurements available you will be able to know exactly what will fit you and you won’t have to guess with mediums and larges, hoping and praying that it fits you. You can get your measurements from a seamstress or just yourself with a tape measure – you should take your height and measurements barefoot, so you get a real idea of what you need to fit you.

    Finding scrubs that fit is imperative for a nurse’s work, as they must both be comfortable and able to move – being restricted in an item of clothing when your career is based around constantly moving and helping people is not ideal. Shop comparatively, take your measurements, and consult a tailor!

    Our healthcare workers are fundamental to the longevity of our lives and our family’s so we should treat them with reverence and respect and remember the sacrifices they are making during these harrowing and bothersome times.

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