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    To New Beginnings: Honeygrow’s New Menu Unveiled

    To New Beginnings: Honeygrow’s New Menu Unveiled

    Founded in Philadephia in 2012 by Justin Rosenburg, Honeygrow opened their doors in hopes of bringing people together over quality, wholesome and simple foods. With the motto “Honest Eating and Growing Local,” Honeygrow prides themselves of this motto by visiting local farms to get the best ingredients that customers deserve. Their menu consists of four categories: stir-fry, salads, smoothies, and honey bar. Easy and simple, people often mistake that Honeygrow does not offer much, but in a way, their options brings a certain art form. Sure, the menu may be simple, yet with a touch screen to order your food, customers are free to create any order of their choosing from scratch or prefixed, this gives customers infinite possibilities.

    The new menu includes six new stir-frys and six new salads, including a seasonal salad that will rotate regularly highlighting the best that each season has to offer. Starting the last week of March, their new menu will be available for customers to enjoy. Listed below are some of the stir-frys and salads from their new menu we were able to try.


    • Walnut St. Noodle Salad
      walnut lemon dressing, freshly made whole wheat noodles, organic arugula, mushrooms, raw cauliflower, roasted walnuts, parmesan crisps.
    • Caravan
      lemon curry yogurt dressing, green kale, organic baby spinach, roasted FreeBird chicken, cucumbers, raw cauliflower, tea-soaked raisins, almonds.
    • Tomato Miso Kale
      Roasted tomato miso dressing, green kale, organic roasted spicy tofu, apples, carrots, roasted beets, red onions, radishes, sesame sticks.
    • Seasonal Salad (Spring: Seasonal Wheat Berry)
      Wheat berries, green kale, roasted brussel sprouts, feta cheese, sunflower seeds, pomegranate.
    • Philly Roast Pork
      freshly made egg white noodles, Yards Brawler au jus, roast pork, organic baby spinach, broccoli, chili flakes, and asiago shavings.

    For them, it’s about eating healthy and making sure their customers are served fresh and healthy quality foods. What makes Honeygrow stand out from other fast casual restaurants in Philadephia: their menu.


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    • Chassidy
      May 3, 2017

      Well I guess I don’t have to spend the weekend firguing this one out!

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