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    Easy McCoy and City Wolf Drop Hybrid Hip-Hop Album: Back To The Mud

    Easy McCoy and City Wolf Drop Hybrid Hip-Hop Album: Back To The Mud

    When buzzing electronic pop artist City Wolf linked up with his friend and fellow rapper Easy McCoy in Portland, the creative energy and ambition between the two was palpable.

    The duo recorded their collaboration record Back To The Mud” in just a few days as the tracks poured out of the two self-made and fiercely independent artists.

    Freshly released, “Back To The Mud” is an uplifting, blood-pumping album that is packed full of inspirational lyrics that blur the lines between hip-hop, rock, soul, gospel, electronica, and pop music.

    In an industry where most artists ask for permission before they create, Easy McCoy and City Wolf are cut from an entirely different cloth. Instead of letting others dictate their lives, the two friends unapologetically create art without remorse and let the validity of their music speak for itself, with full confidence that it will all work out throughout the creative process.

    And because of the duo’s unrelenting work ethic, it usually does work out for them.

    With over 14 million total Spotify streams, 400K+ total monthly listeners, and music synchronizations on ESPN, UFC, NFL, Netflix, Showtime, HBO, Fox, and more, music fans around the world have caught on to the winning attitude that City Wolf and Easy McCoy exude with every bar they spit.

    A good example of the sheer level of hustle these two commit to their craft is literally seen in the manner in which Mud was created. When it came time for City Wolf and Easy McCoy to record the album, City Wolf drove his car alone from Los Angeles, California, without hesitation all the way up the entire West Coast to McCoy’s Portland-based recording studio. There, they were able to create the album in person, a method that has become increasingly rare in the era of remote recording sessions over Zoom.

    Anna Azarov Photography

    This level of dedication and continuously flowing in-person energy spurred the raw creativity and authenticity heard on the duo’s standout tracks, “Know My Name”, “Born By The Fire” and “Testify”, which gives a peek into McCoy’s more faith-forward side. While listening to the tracks, you can tell the two created this together, in the same room — and they wouldn’t have had it any other way. Musically, the duality between City Wolf’s higher-octave vocal hooks and Easy McCoy’s drippy baritone flows over epic instrumentation fuel for hungry-yet-humble energy that will propel listeners to the next level of whatever they’re striving for while listening to Mud.

    For McCoy, the album’s title, “Back To The Mud”, carries a ton of weight and meaning to him, with each of these songs reminding him of his own struggles and sheer determination needed to be successful in the dog-eat-dog world.

    “This record with City Wolf lets people know that you can do whatever you put your mind to. ‘Back To The Mud’ is about keeping it raw and authentic while always staying hungry, no matter what,” says McCoy.

    “I’m a hustler by nature and I think about all angles of a release like this because I know how hard it can be. I’m not afraid of working hard and making things happen on my own—that’s what ‘Back To The Mud’ means to me. To believe in something, to believe in yourself.”

    “Back To The Mud” by City Wolf and Easy McCoy is available on all major digital streaming platforms.

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