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    Loose Buttons Want to Show Us Something Better

    Loose Buttons Want to Show Us Something Better

    The New York-based rock band has announced its first full album that aims to be dropped on February 7th according to NorthernTransmissions. Something Better will point towards a Garage Rock sort of sound, the homonym track has already been released with over 20,000 listens over the first week.

    The Loose Buttons chose what to do and who to join very wisely, the sound they went for is a nice and organic evolution of their work. The whole record was produced by Gus Oberg, known for his work with The Strokes (on the album Angles, 2011). The whole recording process took place in New York City, at Spaceman Sound.


    Other important names behind the making of this album are Jeremy SH Griffith, who mixed the album, and Manny Silvertein who mastered it and is also their bassist.

    The band already has dropped the homonym single and is their second most played song on Spotify. They’ve also released the tracklist of 8 songs, including “Fell Into A Hole” which will feature Ava Trilling from the neighbor New Jersey indie-band Forth Wanderers, all according to NorthernTransmissions.

    Their newly released single “Something Better” was acclaimed by most of the people who covered the announcement, with Stereogum stating that “’ Something Better’ is sunny, summery, and smashes its way into consciousness with raucous guitars and layers of reverb…”

    Adding this very accurate description “… It’s got that pop-punk flare in its chord construction, but tonally has an unbridled optimism that peers through the clouds of sound.” We couldn’t agree more.

    As the band released the new single, Eric Nizgretsky, the lead singer stated the following, and was noted by the Australian MusicInjection:

    “It’s really about the ultimate goal of creating a life I can be proud of while learning to cope with those pesky, looming doubts. Over the years I’ve been forced to take a look back at my parents’ failed marriage, among other things, and I guess I fear that the relationships I hold dear in my life will inevitably end in similar ways. It’s those potential setbacks and uncertainties that’ve served as motivation to channel my fears into something positive, or rather, ‘something better.’”

    Loose Buttons’ Story

    This alternative rock band was formed in New York City, by Eric Nizgretsky as the singer, and Eric Kantor, back when they were on Sixth Grade, under the name of Jupiter’s Moon, according to an interview they gave to Aol back in 2017.

    As the two first members went to college, they kept in touch wanting to play together, and so, Nizgretsky met Manny Silverstein, their bassist, at the University of Miami, and also invited their Adam Holtzer, now their drummer.

    The band’s first EP came in 2014, Damage Gallery, a 4-track album that left us wanting more from the young band. The tracks that more traction gained were “Scissors” and “Two Wolves”, that certainly put them in the map of those out of New York.

    Then came the 2017 hit EP Sundays, another 4 songs fully charged of energy, “Tales of What I’m Used to” is the first track on it and is filled with such energy from the drumming that oddly enough is not too over the top, just satisfying to hear. The second track, “Between Brick Walls” is a Mix of Green Day’s 2012 “Kill The DJ” single and The Strokes “Under Cover of Darkness”. Filled with distortion and a melody that makes you just hit the replay button, or if that’s too old of a reference, add it back on the queue on Spotify.

    “Milk and Roses” is the other track that calls out “We can do whatever”, the softer melody, more of an alternative song, with almost no distortion and the Drums taking the main role with the Bass is just lovely.

    Loose Buttons have dropped 2 EP’s and will be dropping a full album next year. We do not have a betting calculator like in online horse racing, but we believe that after 6 years of constant growth in this young band that seems to have it needs to reach mainstream. Will they do it, though?

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