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    Miss Glitter Is Pushing Creative Limits

    Miss Glitter Is Pushing Creative Limits

    Pia Bernadette Dizon was born in the Pampanga province of the Philippines and is now designing and running online shop GLITT3R based in Los Angeles, California.

    Miss Glitter not only DJs various sponsored fashion-related events, but she is also producing her first electronic music album which is due to release in early 2019.

    As a designer, I’m obsessed with textures and how an iridescent material is displayed through multiple frequencies of color. I adapted Miss Glitter long before I started playing with iridescent material, wearing vintage gowns of glittering sequins and playing shows in Los Angeles wearing far-out ensembles. I felt that I could exude who I am and how I felt inside through my clothing. Not that my guts are made of glitter, however. I wanted to exude the way our human bodies adapt and morph through illumination; music, movies, books – all sorts of inspiration. We change color and adapt through all wavelengths but maintain our true form, that is iridescence. That is Miss Glitter.

    Miss Glitter was also in attendance at The Fox Festival, an annual interactive lifestyle experience curated for dreamers.

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    Miss Glitter Is Push…

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