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    “Drowning” By Yatez Out Now

    “Drowning” By Yatez Out Now

    Yatez is a new breed of artist that is propelling music into a whole new phase.

    Hailing from Birmingham, and already boasting a local cult following, thanks to a previous project aptly named “Local,” his compelling style of soulful, harmonious singing is teamed with a mixture of spoken word style rap and eclectic self-productions for freshly released single “Drowning.”

    Priding himself on the deeper workings of his music, including the instrumentation and production, his audio output offers a masterclass in how to create a timeless record. Past releases such as “Patience,” or the GRM-premiered “Do For Your Love” are an insight into the depth and understanding that courses through the veins of Yatez as a music maestro but it’s this new record that serves as a breakthrough in his musical evolution.

    “‘Drowning’ is a part of the most progressive body of work I’ve created to date in my career,” explains Yatez. “We’ve all been there on a night out when someone is just being a bit too much when you’re trying to get on it. This song is about someone nausing you before you’re drunk enough.”

    Although still in its infancy, his discography reveals a myriad of relatable lyrical topics; however, it’s truly the delivery that is the essence to Yatez as an artist. Leaning on elements of RnB, Hip-Hop, and Grime as well as more soulful splashes of jazz, he then adds an electronic skew into the mix, which adds pace and a contemporary vibe to his studio-recorded music.

    Yet if you see Yatez stepping out on stage, prepare for yet another experience altogether. Performing live with a band, Yatez is able to constantly redefine his sound, style, and the experience he gives to fans. With live instruments and stripped-back sounds, his live shows have allowed him to explore indie and rock influences, adding another dimension to this rising star who won’t compromise the quality at which he has set his own bar.

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