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    Never Not Working With Kept Fr❄zen

    Never Not Working With Kept Fr❄zen

    Curious as to what an urban street photography style looks like? We have you covered!

    Always thinking of new and creative ideas to photograph, DeAndre Holland is never sitting still. Although majoring in graphic design in college, late 2012 is when he found a passion for photography. While still doing graphic design, photography always enables a new environment every time he steps out the front door.

    Discover DeAndre Holland

    This cover story touches on the sharp focus photographer DeAndre Holland, but most widely known as Kept Frozen based out of Nashville, Tennessee. DeAndre specializes in night photography, long exposure, light trails, cityscapes, portraits, footwear, and much more.

    Dive more into the art of urban photography with KeptFrozen.

    How would you describe your photography style?

    Dark + moody and urban; pretty much sums up my personality.

    What time of day do you prefer to shoot, night or day?

    Still, till this day, this time of day has always been my go to… Night time! I love to be challenged by my surroundings. Plus night time allows me to keep my photography style without having to substitute anything.

    What/who inspires you the most? Have they changed over time?

    Who inspires me the most really is Trashhand; I’ve always been a fan of his work but most importantly his hustle. I saw him in Chicago back in 2015 shooting work for Jordan Brand out at 6 am, and I was amazed to see him in person and in action doing what he says he does.

    Also, my best homie Zach Boisjoly told me he needed a scout for Nashville, and Trash picked me. So I had shot with him for three days and I can definitely say that guy is a hustler! I owe a lot to my boy Zach too, he made it happen.

    What’s something people would be surprised to learn about you?

    Something that people would be surprised to learn from me is that I prefer Chicago pizza over NY pizza (laughs). Being a New York lover, the thin slice doesn’t get me, but Chicago deep dish just hits! Also, I’m lactose intolerant (laughs), so I go through torture to eat that stuff.

    What are you trying to translate in your work to those who see your photographs?

    I’m trying to show people that photographs aren’t always gilts and glamour; no one is always happy. Hell, given how the society is suicide is skyrocketing in our country, and with my art, I want to show the grunginess. I wanna’ show people that when the sun goes down, you enter into a whole different world.


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