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    Fractals: The World’s Most Creative Camera Filters

    Fractals: The World’s Most Creative Camera Filters

    Fractals allow you to augment your photo subjects with brilliant reflections.

    The filters are specialized hand-held glass prisms that add artistic flare to your images and videos, the perfect camera accessory for portraits, weddings, and more.

    This project started for Nikk Wong in 2014 with a viral Kickstarter campaign. If you’re curious, you can learn about that backstory here. Back then, prisming was a semi-blossoming concept, fueled by a few innovators in the photo industry. As the years progressed, word about the art has continued to spread and prisming has ‘broken out’. Photographers and videographers at all skill levels are using Fractals to augment their subjects and create impressive photos in ways that were impossible to before.

    So what is prisming? Well, a photographer or videographer can take a prism—like, an equaliteral prism you’d find in a classroom, or a Fractal Filter and place it in front of their lens to bend light as it enters the lens. The results can be pretty stunning!

    The classic filter set includes 3 original filters. Patented PrismaLed™ optics create reflections 1.5x more brilliant than glass, helping you shoot subjects in ways you otherwise couldn’t. This effect was achieved simply by placing a glass prism in front of a camera lens. Neat, right? You’re not the only one who thinks so. Prisming has caught on extremely quickly; with a 1200% increase in the use of the hashtag #prismphotography in the last four years.

    So what makes prisms so special? Well, prisms are uniquely able to bend light, glares, and reflections before they enter a camera’s lens. Prisming requires no photoshop or post editing, and often creates results that are more natural and impressive than their photo-manipulated counterparts.

    Prisming also adds an incredible amount of versatility to a photographer’s toolbelt. They’re an incredibly natural extension of a lens’s optical system —relying on the same properties of physics to manipulate light before it’s recorded onto the camera’s sensor. It’s just glass, afterall.

    As an extension of your lens system, the Fractals prism filters give you an incredible amount of precision and creative control.

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