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Low Blow Saves Face For Amir Khan

Amir Khan put everything on the line at Madison Square Garden. Some say It is never wise for a man to admit that a personal achievement would top his wedding…

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Tips for Business Travel

Business travel is the main part of many Americans' job requirements, whether it's for conferences, training or meetings with an out of town client. Just like when traveling for fun,…

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How to Budget For Your Company’s Technical Debt

While “technical debt” is a term that’s frequently used by technologists, the implication and understanding of it tends to be opaque to the business.

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The Sound & Synchronicity of Sara Abbas

Singer and songwriter as well as an entrepreneur, Sara Abbas founded and serves as CEO of Ev0lver, Inc. (Ev0lverInc.com), a global talent agency catering to diverse talent and artist advocacy.…

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