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How ‘Lost’ Star Henry Ian Cusick Helped Jumpstart a Hawaiian Tech Company

Honolulu’s Beth Carvin and her husband Bruce Daly were elbow-deep in planning their second startup, a unique memory journaling platform called JamBios, when an unusual creative partnership has enlivened the JamBios…

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Six Healthy Reasons To Drink Your Beets

It’s a good bet that our ancient ancestors sat down to an infinitely simpler and more nutritious lunch than the tuna sandwiches and chips on our plates today. They used…

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A Tech Start-Up Turns Hotel WiFi Into An Engaging Guest Experience

Nutshell WiFi, an all-new California-based tech startup providing business owners with a powerful marketing automation tool and easy-to-use platform, just announced its newest client Residence Inn Miami West/FL Turnpike located…

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From Hospice to Healthy: How a Plant-Based Diet Saved Mom’s Life and Inspired a Business

Having been told you have a very limited amount of time left to leave your impact on the world can be a hard pill to swallow. You feel saddened and…

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