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    Nathan Bucchino Shares His Passion For Visual Media And Insight For Creatives

    Nathan Bucchino Shares His Passion For Visual Media And Insight For Creatives

    Nathan Bucchino is a creative, based in the heart of Manchester, UK. He specializes in photography and videography, constantly crafting and moving through the industry.

    Since he could understand movies and images, he developed a keen ideal for the visual media, constantly observing and understanding the frames that brought him joy. Now, he wants to bring this joy to reality.

    His work has seen tremendous opportunities including being published by media organizations, such as Digital Camera Magazine, ITV news, Instagram reposts, working freelance, as well as having opportunities to shoot alumni at events.

    Nathan shares his passion for photography and media, his camera essentials, and success tips for young creatives.

    Where do you consider your artistic home? Is there a city, country, or neighborhood that inspired you to get into photography? 

    I consider my artistic home in Manchester, UK. I grew up and still live there.

    I got into photography quite early on, I have always been inspired by creativity, and allowing myself to make work that helps evoke emotion.

    There is an overlook I always go to… the view stretches the entirety of Greater Manchester, and it always reminds me of how many people are in that area – right in front of me, with their own lives and stories.

    Did you go to school to study photography? 

    Yes, I did, I went to a media-specialized public college in Media City, UK. I was able to use their equipment to have studio shoots – which really helped me understand lighting, the technical language of the camera, and editing using photoshop.

    Which camera do you use? 

    Canon EOS 700D with a Tamron 24-70mm, F/2.8 lens.

    What is your favorite photography style? 

    I don’t really know – purely because there are so many styles out there that I enjoy. Do you prefer to photograph musicians at live venues?

    I recently shot my first ever live venue the other week, it was for my friend’s headlining band. I was nervous as I have never shot in low, minimal light, but thankfully the shots came out really well. I enjoyed the shoot…the different colored lights and bands really brought versatility to the shots, making each one different but personal to the musicians performing style. I would say I definitely would love to shoot more artists at live venues, but I don’t have a preference for this genre compared to other photography types just yet.

    The Fox Magazine is all about inspiration, what/who inspires you the most? 

    I’m inspired by people getting through life. Life is hard.

    I’m inspired by people who use art to help themselves and others because, at the end of the day, we make art to make us feel something.

    How does social media impact the quality of work for a photographer?

    It has an impact in some form, for example, only certain art and styles get more likes and engagement than others sadly, so a lot of photographers are selective on what they post, I have been on Instagram for years, I have seen the changes in what gets more likes, but ultimately what I have noticed currently is there are a lot more photographers and that’s great, I’m glad people are finding this hobby.

    How much artistic freedom do you like having when given a project? 

    I usually implement my style in some form when I have a job, but I always follow what the client wants, because it is them who hired me. However, I do get to shoot some creative individuals who enjoy my type of editing, so I’m glad to have that freedom there.

    What’s your best advice for aspiring photographers? 

    Just do it. A phone camera, or a DSLR, shoot whatever you feel, see how you find it, and then take it further. Don’t think about comparisons of skill sets and work you have seen, just let your creativity flow with the camera.

    What photography or art-related motto, quote, or words to live by helps keep you inspired? 

    The clichè ones… “Never give up” or “Keep trying until you succeed” is something like that, because they are true. I have found one quote that I feel is so real,

    “Life is coming from you and not at you.”

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