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Chris Parker Elevates Branding, Social Media and Style

As a Los Angeles-based consultant and influencer, his illustrious career has flourished as he has continually proven himself to be an integral part in shaping brands.

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14 Secrets Travel Influencer Emilia Taneva Wants You To Know Before Summer Hits!

Summer is almost here and it’s time to put those vacation days to good use! To help you get ready, world traveler and influencer Emilia Taneva has created some essential tips…

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Why Everyone Should Know About Interventional Empathy

Suicide prevention expert Mark Goulston, co-creator and moderator of the new documentary Stay Alive, shares his six-step technique for calming yourself or someone else who may be on the verge of…

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7 Essentials For A Spring BBQ

Ready, Set, Grill! It's time to get ready for warm weather, great company, and delicious food. That's right! We're talking about BBQs. While the food is always a highlight, it's…

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