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    Treatibles Brings Compassion To Every Pet Product They Create

    Treatibles Brings Compassion To Every Pet Product They Create

    Since 2013, Treatibles has been blazing a trail as the pioneer in creating pet CBD products.

    It all started in 2008 when Founder and CEO, Julianna Carella established Auntie Dolores, one of the first five medical cannabis brands in California. She began creating a variety of edible products that offered much needed relief to so many people suffering from a variety of maladies. Eventually, clients began to ask if they could give Auntie Dolores products to their ailing pets. Thus, Treatibles was born!

    Treatibles may have begun as the right paw of Auntie Dolores, but today they are one of the most highly respected companies in the pet industry. The embodiment of a successful serial entrepreneur, Julianna Carella is a trailblazer behind the brands. Her story is noteworthy in that she’s built one of the world’s first medical cannabis brands and since 2008 has created not one, but two multi-million dollar enterprises: Auntie Dolores and Treatibles.

    With compassion in mind, the brands continue to thrive while staying true to their values. The “Compassion Certified” seal is their commitment to you and your pets. The word “compassion” is significant to those of us in the hemp and cannabis world who have fought so hard to provide relief for pets and people. In 1996 the Compassionate Use Act, a.k.a.,Proposition 215, was the very first medical cannabis law on the books.

    Compassion is more than a word for the Treatibles team it is the foundation and inspiration for all they do. They continue to be guided by the principles that have always been the mission of the movement: to eliminate the stigma of hemp and cannabis in order to provide compassionate relief to all of our pets, friends, and family members.

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