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    3 Firearm Storage Dos And Don’ts

    3 Firearm Storage Dos And Don’ts

    People own firearms for various reasons.

    The reasons may range from hunting to self-defense or professional purposes. Owning a firearm comes with the responsibility of ensuring its safe storage.

    It’s best to keep your firearm stored safely to avoid chaos around your household if it falls into the wrong hands. Again, proper firearm storage is essential as it keeps your gun’s performance in check. With that in mind, here are firearm storage dos and don’ts:

    What To Do In Storing Firearms

    Practice the suggestion discussed below for efficient firearm storage:

    Invest In A Secure Storage Unit

    Safety around your household is vital if you own a firearm. You should carefully think about your storage unit so that it can serve its purpose. While at it, you’d want to install all the valuable features that ensure your firearm is safely stored. Luckily, there are several options to consider for safe storage. They include the following:

    Gun cases: They’re excellent and ideal for discrete gun storage. You may want to consider the materials used in making the gun cases because they influence durability. Some of the best materials used to make gun cases include the following:

    Plastic: These gun cases are ideal since they’re water-resistant and airtight.

    Wood: These are excellent choices for a customized gun case. They’re manufactured with plywood and laminated with plastic casing.

    Aluminum: They’re suitable because of their strength and ability to withstand wear and tear.

    Mounts: These are among the best firearm storage ideas. They can also act as display areas for your firearms. There are several gun mounts, such as wall and cabinet mounts.

    Before buying a mount, you should ensure it’s compatible with your firearm. For instance, a mount for AR-15 is suitable for mounting an AR-15 rifle. Checking your firearm specifications helps you choose the most suitable mount. Say, for long firearms, you’ll need more extended mounts to support the rifles.

    Gun safes: It’s one of the best storage strategies to lock your firearm. Keep your firearm safely locked by preventing unauthorized access to the weapons. Gun safes are available in different sizes. Thus, you can find one for your long or short guns. Investing in gun safes that are thief-proof is best. On the other hand, your gun is a valuable asset. Thus, you can invest in a fireproof safe and install fire alarms to notify you of a fire.

    Firearm storage is a matter of preference. However, it’s best to consider your storage and ensure it serves its purpose. Remember, you’re liable if an accident occurs due to negligence. Again, poor storage puts your loved ones at risk.

    Clean Your Firearm

    Another firearm storage tip is cleaning your gun after every use. It helps keep its performance in check. Any obstruction in your gun’s barrel can result in self-harm or injuries to bystanders. The obstructions might also reduce your accuracy when hunting. When mud, snow, or dirt blocks the barrel, excess pressure can bulge or burst it on firing. Therefore, clean your firearm regularly after and before storage.

    Follow The Manufacturer’s Manual

    Firearms have complicated mechanisms that determine how effective they are. For instance, temperature and humidity levels in the storage units are vital. High moisture content can result in corrosion. On the other hand, extreme temperatures lead to oxidation and rust. Due to such technicalities, you should follow the manufacturer’s guide on storage requirements.

    What To Avoid In Storing Firearms

    Now that you’re aware of the dos, below are the things to avoid:

    Skip On Service And Inspection

    Once in a while, take out your gun for inspection and service. It ensures your firearms are in top shape. This way, you can monitor whether dust or moisture can lead to rust forming on your firearm’s metallic parts. This is also a way to ensure your firearm is ready for your subsequent use. It’s also a way to confirm your gun is in place.

    Storing Loaded Firearms

    When storing your gun, it’s essential to ensure you practice some safety precautions. A loaded gun is a threat even if it’s safely stored. Remember, it only takes pulling the trigger to fire your weapon.  As such, it’s advisable to keep your gun unloaded. Unloading your gun reduces the risks of the weapon falling into the wrong hands.

    As you unload the gun, you should also uncock it. These safety measures guarantee that even if someone has access to the weapon, they might not cause harm if they pull the trigger. After unloading the gun, keep the ammunition separately.  It helps deter someone from assembling the gun and using it wrongfully.

    Overcrowd Your Storage

    Having enough room to store all your firearms is essential too. It helps avoid the guns rubbing against each other, which can tamper with their exterior polish.

    Overcrowded gun storage can also lead to poor accountability. For instance, in an overcrowded safe, you might not notice if a gun is missing. Thus, ensure you invest in enough room storage for your firearms. It’s a great call that ensures you keep up with security measures.


    Proper firearm storage is vital as it helps prevent accidents in your household. Consider the tips shared above for strategies to organize firearms. Keep in mind the manufacturer’s instructions on proper storage. It’s a surefire way of getting firearm storage right.

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