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    Basic Car Repairs To Know About

    Basic Car Repairs To Know About

    You just got your first car. You have mastered the basics of driving, and you are pretty good at it. But what if your car breaks down? Would you know how to fix it?

    While many mechanic services are available that can offer repairs and fit things like Custom Exhaust Systems to your car, basic knowledge of car repair is essential. It will help you get out of a rut, like being stuck on the highway.

    Here are four basic car repairs you should know about as a car owner.

    Flat Tire

    It is pretty common to drive into uncharted lands and experience a flat tire. It helps to have the essential tools to help you get back on the road. Always ensure your vehicle has a spare tire.

    Knowing how to change a tire is a lifesaving skill. It would be best to have a jack stand to lift your car, a wrench to loosen the nuts, and a spare tire to repair the flat one.

    Failed Ignition

    If your vehicle fails to start, you probably have a faulty spark plug. One way to avoid this is through a periodical change. Spark plugs are the small devices that create ignition’s inside your vehicle’s engine. They are suitable for about 100,000 miles. After that, they wear out. Replacing your spark plugs involves the removal of the faulty spark plug with the new one. You can check your vehicle’s manual to find out where the spark plug is.

    Oil Leak

    If your vehicle is experiencing a leak, you may probably be having a faulty gasket. This could be a result of a degraded engine. Unfortunately, this may mean that you have a head gaskets repair.

    To avoid such repairs, It is best to maintain your engine for its smooth and prolonged run. An effective way to do this is through regular checking and changing your oil. You can do it yourself by draining the oil and emptying the oil filter. Then, you pour in new oil after putting back the drain plug. You can get this professionally done during your vehicle inspection. Especially if you plan on going for a road trip.

    Broken Light

    Not only is a broken light risky to your safety, but it is also illegal. Consequently, driving a car with faded lights is also wrong. In addition, you need to replace your lights as soon as they start dimming. You don’t have to get a mechanic for this. With the right screwdriver, unscrew the headlight and replace the faulty bulb. If you only have damage to your headlight frame, you don’t have to replace the bulb.


    If you notice smoke coming out of your vehicle’s bonnet, that is your cue to turn off your engine immediately. Your car consists of moving parts that tend to overheat and require cooling. That is why you need to check your vehicle’s water levels routinely.

    Your vehicle may overheat due to a cooling system leak, broken water pump, or a broken radiator fan. You can turn on the heat and fans to direct heat away from your engine to remedy an overheating car. Then, check to see if there are any leaks. It helps to have an extra gallon of engine coolant, which you can use to top off.


    Frequently servicing your vehicle will prevent some of these car issues from occurring. However, it always helps to have roadside assistance contacts for significant repairs.

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