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    Feel Your Soul Surprises Recipients With Random Acts of Kindness

    Feel Your Soul Surprises Recipients With Random Acts of Kindness

    At a time when the world feels divided and socially-distanced, Feel Your Soul is committed to bringing people back together… and bringing smiles to faces.

    The fashion brand Feel Your Soul announced that a portion of all proceeds from all of the brand’s products will go to the company’s “Smile Fund,” where it will be dedicated to spreading random acts of kindness.

    Feel Your Soul is pleased to announce that starting this week, a portion of all proceeds from all of the brand’s products, including its flagship FootSouls, which are custom insoles for Converse and Vans shoes, will go to the company’s “Smile Fund” where it will be dedicated to spreading random acts of kindness.

    These efforts will be documented in “The Smile Series” and shared on the brand’s wildly popular TikTok account.

    In the first episode, a hard-working, unsuspecting waitress was given a $1,000 tip. In the second episode, the brand’s founder, Jacob Zander, gave away $10,000 to a young entrepreneur as a way of personally paying it forward. Zander himself received a $10,000 business grant to start Feel Your Soul last November and has managed to grow his own company-primarily through TikTok despite the global pandemic. That’s why he’s so passionate about giving back.


    The start of the smile series: giving a waitress a $1,000 tip ? w/ @allyhurst_ #wholesome #treatpeoplewithkindness #wholesomemoments

    ♬ original sound – Feel Your Soul ?

    “This year, more than ever, there is a great need for unity, compassion, love and respect in our communities. The intention is to be thoughtful and bring a smile to someone’s face whether that’s through a simple gesture or something more elaborate. I’ve been overwhelmed with kindness and support over the past year and my goal now is to use my platform to share that goodwill with others,” Zander said.


    Last year I won $10k so this year I am paying it forward & giving $10k to one of you! ??#treatpeoplewithkindness #wholesome #harrystyles #fyssmile

    ♬ original sound – Feel Your Soul ?

    More surprises are planned to be released over the coming weeks, including an extreme makeover and even a car giveaway!

    Feel Your Soul is also encouraging those who are impacted or inspired by the brand’s efforts to do something spontaneous and impactful in their own communities through no-contact or virtual initiatives and to share those moments of kindness on TikTok and Instagram using #FYSSmile.

    Every effort, small and large, makes an impact. A gesture could be as simple as reaching out to someone who would benefit from a phone call, or purchasing coffee for the next car in a drive-thru line. Donations of items or funds to a favorite charity is another idea, as is creating a care package for a neighbor.

    Fans can learn more about Feel Your Soul and help support the Smile Fund at

    About Feel Your Soul

    Feel Your Soul was started by young entrepreneur Jacob Zander. At the age of 22, after receiving a $10,000 business grant, Zander produced his flagship product, FootSouls, which are custom insoles for Converse shoes that improve everyday comfort.

    After the launch of FootSouls, Feel Your Soul gained tremendous traction on TikTok, where, against all odds, Zander’s company has grown during a national pandemic. Since May of 2020, Feel Your Soul has amassed 360K followers, and 25 Million views, translating into over 10,000 orders of the product, plus expansion of the brand into a full clothing line, Converse Roller skates, and other cool products.

    “FootSouls are more than just a way to make our favorite shoes more comfortable; they are a symbol that represents making each and every day matter. Our goal is to inspire you to Feel Your Soul and live a life you would relive. I want to help you chase your dreams like I am and keep you comfy while chasing them.”

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