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    Rainbows, Good Pizza, and Roots with House of Shroom

    Rainbows, Good Pizza, and Roots with House of Shroom

    House of Shroom is a lifestyle brand that developed from the Mellow Mushroom gourmet pizza restaurant chain.

    The SS17 collection is comprised of three capsules: Rainbow Trip, Good Pizza, and Roots.

    Each capsule was designed to embody a signature aspect of the Mellow Mushroom restaurant that established the House of Shroom brand. The creative mind behind the vibrant and magical label is Elizabeth Brasch, who, together with a team of homegrown artists, designs and creates the apparel and accessories.

    SS17 Capsules

    RAINBOW TRIP – The Rainbow Trip capsule takes you back in time to the early 1970’s, when Mellow Mushroom was born. Throughout this collection, you will see elements of the peace-loving, hippie era that the 70s were. The crew neck, v-neck, short and 3Ž4” sleeve tees include groovy prints such as the signature peace sign, flower power, rainbow prism lettering and old school cars.

    GOOD PIZZA – The Good Pizza capsule is exactly what it sounds like… and dedication to pizza lovers. The art in this collection portrays pizza as the heart of it all: space shuttles, playing cards, and patriotic gear. The collection offers long and short sleeve soft tees with trendy prints including the Let Them Eat Pie cards tee and It Was All A Dream tees.

    ROOTS – The Roots collection pays direct homage to Mellow Mushroom and its psychedelic art during the first years of it’s being in 1974. The bright colored and cartoon-like art resembles that of the prints from their original apparel collection.


    As a University of Miami alumnus, Elizabeth Brasch gained first-hand multi-cultural experiences during her time in the melting pot city. These encounters inspired the unique art and theme seen throughout the collection from its origination in 2015 to today.

    Backtrack to the early 1970s, when Mellow Mushroom was first born, but Elizabeth wasn’t – three college students combined forces to open a pizza shop in Atlanta, GA. That small shop evolved and went on to become the popular franchise we know today. In addition to the delicious food and craft beers that helped Mellow Mushroom flourish, they created a collection of exclusive accessories and apparel inspired by their signature psychedelic motif, per patron requests. Since the 1970’s, “Mellow Gear,” as they called it then, consisted of quality t-shirts, hoodies, hats, and glassware embellished with art designed by homegrown artists. Today, that brand is known as House of Shroom and it is still deeply rooted and connected to the two cities that helped the restaurant and label flourish, Atlanta and Miami.

    House of Shroom merchandise fuses the root philosophies of the restaurant and transforms it to reflect our modern world today.


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    • Karen lewis
      April 5, 2017

      We entered a contest and won the vintage t shirts, I got a email requesting the sizes and our address ( they said they were shipping one to my daughter and myself. I have emailed and instant messaged and no reply. I love your pizza and so does my daughter. Do you know anyone I could contact ? Thank you 💟

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    Rainbows, Good Pizza…

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