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    The Guide To Must-Have Tennis Wear

    The Guide To Must-Have Tennis Wear

    Tennis is a marvelous game. Every sport has its own dress code which should be respected and which makes the game beautiful.

    Just like other sports, tennis has a unique way of clothing as well. Usually, tennis courts require formal attire but over the past few years, those rules have been modernized to better benefit its players.

    If this is your first time stepping on the court or even if you’re a veteran looking to improve your dressing for the court, here is a complete guide on what to wear for a tennis court.

    Men’s Tennis Attire

    Men have a unique dress code that is formidably different from women’s. Below are the things needed for men.

    1. Headgear

    Headgear is something that’s usually overlooked and taken for granted. It’s not a necessity no doubt but it’s a good practice to wear a headband, hat, or visor. This not only enhances your look but protects you from scorching heat. Moreover, it prevents sweat from entering your eyes and blinding you at times.

    2. Shirt

    A shirt is necessary when playing tennis and this is actually pretty useful. Men are supposed to wear a shirt when entering the court, although the shirts’ qualities and design can vary. Some people like sleeveless shirts while some prefer shirts with sleeves. However, you need to be aware of the instructions of the court because sometimes, there are restrictions on sleeveless shirts. You could wear a T-shirt or a nice polo shirt with great cooling properties that will keep you cool for the entire day.

    3. Shorts

    The shorts you wear on the court are going to define you. They are also a necessity and you need to ensure you wear the proper tennis shorts. Wearing baggy jeans or long pants should definitely be avoided because they give a bad vibe and an unprofessional look. You should invest in tennis shorts because they favor movement during the game which can have a huge impact. Moreover, try to match the color of your shorts with your pants because then it’ll make you look stylish as well as being well dressed and professional.

    4. Shoes

    Shoes are actually considered game-changers. With tennis, shoes are strictly required; they are flat with special sole patterns so they don’t damage the court. If you’re playing on a grass court ensure that you have the best tennis shoes so that they don’t damage the court or restrict your movement. Similarly, for clay or hard courts, make sure the sole of the shoes you wear is strong and of firm grip to support your game better and so you don’t fall.

    5. Sunglasses

    Sunglasses aren’t exactly strictly required. They are optional but can impact the game a lot. They help in providing protection from the sun and eye strains so it’s a good idea to have a pair with you during the game.

    Women’s Attire

    Women kind of have the same attire, just some alterations.

    The women dress code is composed of the following:

    1. Headgear

    Just like men use headbands or visors as protection from the heat or sun, women can also use these when playing tennis. In addition, women can match their sunglasses to give a more stylish look and protect themselves from the heat and sweat simultaneously.

    2. Shirt or Tank Top

    Similar to men, women can also wear a shirt, although women can wear another piece of clothing on the court like a tank top. The shirt or tank top should help in free movement so it doesn’t affect the game negatively. Movement shouldn’t be an issue. Make sure it has a cooling effect as well so there’s less sweating because it leads to irritation.

    3. Dresses

    Tennis dresses have been gaining a lot of popularity nowadays. They seem to be very comfortable and cool. Moreover, they’re giving a great range of movement which has a huge impact on the game. The best part about wearing tennis dresses during your game is you can match your accessories with them.

    4. Shorts or Skirts

    Women usually prefer skirts for tennis to shorts. This is because the skirts have shorts underneath which is a great feature. The skirts are actually pretty good because they provide immense flexibility. However, shorts are preferred if you’re the type of person who favors pockets in them.

    5. Leggings or Compression Shorts

    Leggings, contrary to how it was worn in its early creation, are also worn now without shorts. This is because The Women’s Tennis Association passed out a new law about it that makes wearing them on the tennis court more trendy in women now.

    6. Shoes

    Due to higher arches in a woman’s feet, women need to look for extra support underneath that arch. Moreover, they’re also allowed to wear shoes with more colors than men, which makes dressing up for the game more fun.

    There are a couple of other things to consider with the clothes you should wear during the game but this is a simple guide to get you all set up for a tennis court. Accessories are not necessary so they’re not of primary importance. Following this guide will ensure you’re well dressed for your day on the court.

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