Homingbird: Favela’s Newest Creation Blurs The Line Between Intoxicating Electronic Sounds And Delightfully Laidback Music

    FAVELA demonstrates an injection of meaningful lyrics to develop this personal and poignant narrative.

    To those who have not yet explored the multi-faceted realms of this creative, now is the time.

    FAVELA is a writer and singer who has managed to generate an array of melodic sounds, reaching keen listeners across the globe.  His music boasts layers of warm and impactful production, resulting in millions of Spotify streams and key tastemaker support from worldwide radio such as the UK’s BBC Radio 1. FAVELA is most prominently known for the dynamic and impressively intricate release, Gong. Another playlist staple from FAVELA came in the form of the beautifully tranquil and atmospheric effort, Call My Name.

    As his first release of 2020, Homingbird starts off with mesmerizingly simple vocals that boast sleepy, enticing harmonies. Gradually, FAVELA builds the track with a well-balanced piano line, amidst a smooth injection of sophisticated percussion. Reaching a phenomenal eight minutes in length, this track effortlessly amalgamates the world of electronic and introspective music with the bold, iconic prowess of an esteemed professional.

    “Homingbird is about being hungry for something you desire, and not settling for anything less until it’s fully yours. The song begins with a yearning that intensifies as it crescendos, to the point where it can’t be ignored and soon takes over. The song for me feels like a dance where one is in step with yearning.”

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      Homingbird: Favela…

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