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    Joe Moses Is Under Investigation In New Music Video: Freak It Ft. Jeremih

    Joe Moses Is Under Investigation In New Music Video: Freak It Ft. Jeremih

    Following the release of the fourth installment in his From Nothing to Something series, acclaimed California rapper Joe Moses returns with the official music video for his Jeremih-assisted single “Freak It.”

    The video is directed by DonyMac and captures an inviting summertime cookout as Joe spends quality time with family and friends. Featuring a cameo from Ty Dolla $ign along with a friendly game of baseball, Joe appears to be unbothered by the FBI’s attempt to infiltrate his outing.

    As Joe continues to make his presence felt in the music industry, he’s developed a reputation for being the go-to collaborator for regional hits, despite not getting the credit he rightfully deserves as an accomplished songwriter. Whether the hard-nosed rapper is lending a pen and sharing the limelight with his contemporaries or doubling down on his solo efforts, Joe has sustained his position as one of the most culturally relevant artists in West Coast rap to date. 

    Earlier this year, he secured a placement on Chris Brown’s tenth studio album, Breezy, flexing his writing skills on the song “Dream.” Throughout his storied career, Joe’s played an instrumental role in some of the biggest songs to come out of the West. And while most movements are fleeting as soon as they arrive, Joe Moses is here to stay. 

    About Joe Moses: 

    Joe Moses is evolving. One moment, he’s lighting up the room with his infectious enthusiasm and dominating delivery. In the next, the Los Angeles, California rapper is showcasing his intrinsic talent for writing music. His words are rooted in realities that reflect his own experiences and worldview, oscillating between a soundscape that’s underpinned by gang culture and introspection. Since his inception, Joe has made his presence felt in the music industry. His career is championed by high-profile collaborations and a score of regional hits – “Burn Rubber,” “Paranoid” – cementing his position in today’s rap landscape. However, a stint in jail derailed his pursuits.

    After he was released, those moments of uncertainty hit equally as hard as the work required to start a new chapter in an already storied career, but he relied heavily on family to guide him through surrounding negativity, channeling his efforts towards changed behavior. Joe’s brand of rap doesn’t deviate from what’s normal, or expected. In fact, it’s a celebratory pivot into being more accountable. Over the years, his music has chronicled life through a street-centric lens that serves as a direct testament to people like him. With a desire to inspire the next generation, he moves with the urgency of an artist with something to prove. Vignettes of his legacy, as off-kilter as they might get, speak to the highs and lows of a West Coast legend.

    “I’ve survived but now it’s about weathering the storm. I still feel like I’m the underdog.” Still, though, Joe has the rare ability to present multiple sides of himself, leaning into something that’s impactful on a larger scale: his own form of activism. At 37 years old, Joe’s hard-nosed lyricism maintains a true-to-life feel that’s relevant, now more than ever. It can be hard to describe his drive for growth, propelled by a mindset that aims to unlock the leader within.

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