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    Canadian Artist Alexis Lynn Releases New Track And Video: Ghosts

    Canadian Artist Alexis Lynn Releases New Track And Video: Ghosts

    Vancouver-based singer and songwriter Alexis Lynn has released her new single, ‘Ghosts.’

    This new track is accompanied by a self-produced music video, shot by Daniela Dellerba, and by an animated music video, made by LA-based artist Whitney Otte.

    Going to an event by herself for the first time is what led Alexis Lynn to write ‘Ghosts.’

    “I remember standing at the back of the room, feeling so insignificant and small,” she reveals. “I felt like I wasn’t interesting, smart, pretty, or experienced enough. Even though on the outside you couldn’t tell, the social anxiety felt like it was just swallowing me.”

    Later on, Lynn found out, by talking to other people, that they are not so different from each other. She realized that everyone has those fears and doubts sometimes and that it can be comforting and reassuring to share those feelings.

    “No matter how confident or put-together someone seems, we all experience loneliness,” she adds. “‘Ghosts‘ recognizes those insecurities, finding hope in the realization that we are not alone in feeling these emotions.” 

    Stream ‘Ghosts’ via your preferred platform, and watch the official music video, the official animated video, and the official lyric video on YouTube.

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