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    Livestream Concert Series: Bsquared Management + The Fox Magazine Partnership Continues

    Livestream Concert Series: Bsquared Management + The Fox Magazine Partnership Continues

    After 3 months of hosting the weekly livestream concert series, the partnership has been revamped to continue to shed light on impactful musicians.

    Tune in on Instagram Live as featuring emerging artists from around the globe such as Dina Renee, Emily Daccarett, Slim KuttaR, Lyra Star, and many many more continue the weekly concert series. All artists will be going live from their own Instagram pages.

    BSquared Management is a company of creatives for creatives, built on the premise that hard work and dedication are the only avenues to true success. We have joined them in this partnership to display artists that deserve recognition.

    A huge thanks to the people at Bsquaredmgmt; Bsquared Magazine; We Coach Careers; Be A Force Bsquared Podcast and Distractions for always helping us make these online shows happen. Do you want to get involved either as a host or a performer?! E-mail the team at

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