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    UK Artist Izzy Thomas Releases: Mad

    UK Artist Izzy Thomas Releases: Mad

    Following the release of her single ‘Trouble (Pull That Trigger), London based singer/songwriter Izzy Thomas Thomas dropped the highly anticipated ‘Mad.’

    The infectiously catchy single is a melodic scream of irritation towards the endless sea of emotionally unavailable people we see in society today.

    Already available on Spotify and YouTube, ‘Mad’ is an homage to every emotion you feel when faced with the prospect of unrequited love. Thomas’ tongue in cheek, unforgettable lyrics and fresh approach, turns a tragic topic into an anthem for our times.

    “In the single world, there seems to be a sea of emotionally damaged, unavailable people,” Thomas confides.

    “Sometimes we subconsciously inhabit our ex’s ways and display them in our next relationship, because we’re afraid of opening up again. For the people ready for love this is irritating as hell! So this song is a light hearted poke of fun, about how ridiculous it all really is!” ‘

    Thomas is the epitome of a 21st century female alt pop/rock artist. With her seductive, fiercely powerful vocals, guitar lead melodies and electronic beats, she has created her own unique sound and vision.

    Born in Yorkshire, the feisty musician is bringing a kind of rock ’n’ roll that flirts with a variety of genres, making listeners from rock to hip hop backgrounds come in union as her fans.

    As a young girl, Thomas was inspired by Queen and Michael Jackson, singing and playing guitar to their music. To this day, her love for these artists oozes into her music, together with her modern production. The powerhouse vocalist is bringing something to the UK charts, which has been lacking.

    Thomas has seen success supporting the likes of Placebo and Bryan Adams, as well as gracing iconic stages from UK Arenas to some of Los Angeles and Nashville’s most prestigious venues, including The Hotel Cafe and Tootsies.

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