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A media partnership with The Fox Magazine offers the opportunity to leverage the full range of our promotional channels.

From prime ad positioning in our premier lifestyle magazine to banner campaigns through, we have many options available to reach the audience you desire.

Become a media partner by purchasing either of the following:

Key partnership categories are listed below, but are not limited to:

Photography: Apparel / Accessories

Travel: Hotel / Airline / Automotive 

Music: Record Labels / Lounges / Clubs / Festivals

Fashion:  Apparel / Accessories / Haircare / Make-up / Skincare

Food + Drink: Restaurants / Health / Water / Energy Drink / Wine / Beer 

Tech: Innovations / Apps

Lifestyle: Spa / Fitness / Vacation


  • Advertising + Editorial Features – Content promoted to create brand awareness, promote events, and articles.
  • Product Reviews (Samples) – Create in-depth and hands-on reviews of products, consumer technologies, and apps.
  • Social Media Campaigns – Make a commitment to each other’s audiences, not just promoting products.
  • Events – An event partnership can be very lucrative and creates a unique way to collaborate while bringing the best of both brands.
  • Giveaways / Contests – Make it easy for your brand to gain momentum through carefully considered social promotions like contests, giveaways, and lucky drawings.


  1. Better Content
    By partnering, the quality of content will increase by each partner utilizing their respective audience better than anyone.
  2. Cheaper
    Mutual partnerships are an inexpensive way to share a wide audience.
  3. Faster Reach
    The Fox Magazine will speed up a partners content marketing strategy.
  4. Measurements
    Analytics of social media outreach provided by The Fox Magazine.


•  ROI: Engagement the number of times your audience interacts with a page by liking a post, commenting on it or sharing it.

•  Website Traffic: a measure of increased viewers that visit The Fox Magazineʼs website.

•  Reach Indicator: of the overall number of individuals following and visiting, their geographic location and frequency of their visits.

•  Mentions by Key Influencers: the number of mentions by users identified as key influencers due to their regular engagement with your organizationʼs network.

•  Revenue: Measure of monetary return on services offered to partners.


•  Listing of The Fox Magazine as a partner on your website, if applicable.

•  Increasing the media exposure and partnership options of The Fox Magazine through partner’s media channels and outlets. We give $25 cash referrals for each newly formed partnership.

•  Co-promotion on any other partner/sister portals.

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