Southern Perspective From Trxlation

When you look at my photos I want you to experience how I see the world. My vision is like a foreign language to others and my photography is the translation.

Based in Chattanooga, Tennessee, he’s an award winning, published photographer going by the artist name Trxlation.

After several years of taking drawing and painting classes, Trxlation began taking pictures of his subjects as he found sitting still difficult. Once he got behind the camera, he became more satisfied with the work he was able to produce and he quit drawing and painting.
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We got a little bit of Trxlation’s perspective behind the lens.

Working primarily with a Nikon D610, 50mm, 24mm, and a 14mm lens, he prefers prime lenses because the fixed focal length keeps him on his toes and forces him to think more about composition. An overcast day is Trxlation‘s favorite time to be out shooting. The soft, diffused light provided by clouds works great with his style of photography.
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Trxlation is self-taught in photography and after observing the work of fellow students in the drawing classes he used to take, he realized that the teacher’s personal style was often reflected in the students’ work.
He didn’t like seeing this as he believed everyone should develop their own unique style in art. Because of that, he has always avoided a formal education in photography so his work can remain uninfluenced and unique. Trxlation describes his style as contrasty, calculated, and connected.
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Music is the biggest source of inspiration for him. He has synesthesia, a neurological phenomenon which he describes as an “artistic superpower.” To be more specific, he has chromesthesia which is the connection of colors to sounds. Seeing colors when he listens to music to put it simply. He listens to music while editing photos, and this results in his editing style strongly reflecting his taste in music.
Trxlation thinks artists should seek inspiration from mediums other than their own. He says that doing so brings the many forms of art together and connects the community in an amazing way.
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If he had to work with only one lens he would choose his 24mm f/1.4. This focal length fits his style perfectly and is the most versatile for him. Whether it be landscapes, architecture, or portraits, this lens does it all.
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People would be surprised to know that Trxlation used to bike a lot and do it competitively. A few years ago he was the USA Cycling Tennessee state champion for his age category. Although he was good at it, he never really enjoyed it and no longer bikes.
The best part about being a photographer is that it’s an endless game. Photography has a start, but there is no end. There always is and forever will be room for self-improvement in photography. Trxlation is always looking for new ways to challenge himself in photography and grow.
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The best advice Trxlation can give to aspiring photographers is to push themselves out of their comfort zone every day. It’s what’s taught him the most and thinks it’s the best way to learn.
“Creativity is intelligence having fun.” – Albert Einstein

Follow his journey!

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