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7 Stylish People We All Need To Be Following

With top-tier fashion bloggers raking in multimillion-dollar campaigns, it’s no wonder every self-proclaimed fashionista wants to launch a personal style site. Not all outfit posts are created equal. These bloggers/creatives…

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Folk Motives Of The Russian Style

Photographer: Elena Shylionak | IG: @elenashylionak Model: Katerina Prachkovskaya | IG: @little_undead Dress: @dressminsk2 Makeup: Aida Babich | IG: @aida.babich Hairstylist: Lilia Shatilo | IG: @lily_shatilo_hairstylist

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Make A Statement With Vanessa Berlin

Vanessa's passion for personal care, style, and fashion, combined with her desire to be an agent for positive change led to creating The Fashion Statement in 2015. 

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Diversify Yourself With Kendra Qual

Kendra expresses the importance of being yourself and following your heart in whatever areas draw you in.

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