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    Iranian People Give a Warm Welcome to Exciting Highflying Challenge

    Iranian People Give a Warm Welcome to Exciting Highflying Challenge

    Although current economic crisis of Iran, sanctions and devaluation of national currency evoke image of unhappy and disturbed Iranians, these days variety of social events are held in Iran all echoing the flow of happiness and excitement.

    According to the Public Relations department of, Among all events, highflying (#بلندپروازی) challenge can be a good example. Highflying is an Instagram challenge, sponsored by Lufthansa for its prizes that its popularity has soared to an unprecedented level since its launch. It seems that the sponsorship of Lufthansa has fueled its popularity.

    Arsha Aqdasi, well-known Iranian stunt performer who has took part in movies like Skyfall, James Bond series, dying of the light and Kung Fu yoga, was the face of the challenge. A remarkable number of Instagram influencers joined the challenge to encourage other users to participate in the challenge and share their highflying moments.

    In this challenge, users have shared their creative images in happy jumping. Creative and happy atmosphere of the images caught the attention among social networks activists; and every day more users join the challenge.

    The challenge enjoyed such a warm welcome that 20% of the total population of the Iranian Instagram community, which is about 5 million people, have been directly impressed by the challenge.

    It should be noted that, this challenge has been held in partnership with the Instagram page of (Alibaba Travel agency), the biggest OTA in Iran, and Lufthansa airline as its prizes Sponsor.

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    Iranian People Give …

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