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    7 Things To Know Before Moving Abroad

    7 Things To Know Before Moving Abroad

    People go to live in another country for a variety of reasons.

    They may be wanting to learn the language, pursue a job opportunity, or they may have friends overseas. There could also be the desire for a fresh start or the fulfillment of a dream. Whatever the reasons, it’s a big choice to make. It’s one thing to have an overseas holiday, but another to completely move there.

    People will have a host of different things to consider and prepare beforehand. This article provides seven key things you need to know before you go.

    You’ll Need To Sort The Documentation

    This will include having a valid passport. You may also need to obtain such things as a work visa. If you plan to drive abroad, a valid driving license will also be required. Many people employ the help of document translation services to get certified paperwork that can be understood abroad. They might relate to such things as your birth and marriage certificates, your medical records, and qualification documents. Your bank statements and insurance claim details may also be relevant overseas.

    You’ll Need To Sort The Finance

    Advise the HMRC that you are going, so the necessary documentation can be completed in time. When it comes to sorting your bank accounts, foreign currency experts are more likely to provide competitive exchange rates than UK banks.

    Research the cost of living in your proposed destination as it might be higher than in the UK. You may have already secured a job overseas. If not, check out the likelihood of getting work, and discover how much you would be paid. You might even decide to teach English!

    Your moving costs are bound to be higher than you expect, and you’ll need to pay out a lot to establish yourself when you arrive. Make sure you will be able to afford your living costs including accommodation, groceries, travel, and leisure.

    You’ll Need To Think Of The Accommodation

    Once again, online research can prove key. Check the availability of accommodation and ensure it is within your price bracket. If you will be working in a certain area, it’s good to check whether you will be near bus or train stations. If you will use a car overseas, check whether you will be near a motorway.

    It can be beneficial to discover whether there is an ex-pat community where you will be going. Find out where they live and ask them as many questions as you can. If you have school-age children there may be one suitable for English kids.

    Consider The Safety Aspect

    People (especially females) can be vulnerable when they choose to live or travel alone in a foreign country. Check the economic and political stability of your destination. Make sure there is no chance of a major coup or political uprising.

    If the properties are cheap in a certain area, be sure there is not a negative reason for this. You won’t want to be somewhere there are gangs or major drug issues. Areas of high unemployment can also be problematic. Be sure that the locals are friendly to people from other nations too.

    Research The Healthcare Provision

    In England, everyone benefits from the free medical care provided by the NHS. Sadly most countries are not like this. Do some research to find out if you will be eligible for any state provision. Some provide a measure of cover, whilst you need to make additional contributions for the rest.

    It’s essential to have full medical cover abroad, even if you have to take out additional insurance. Medical bills can be hugely expensive, especially in the USA.

    It’s Unwise To Take Everything With You

    You’ll need to go through everything you own and decide what to do with it. If you plan to return to the UK, you might choose to keep some things in storage. Some items could go to friends or charity. Alternatively, take some stuff to a boot fair or put it on sites like eBay to make some extra money. When it comes to transporting your possessions, you will pay the most for large and heavy items. For this reason, it will probably be best to buy your white goods abroad.

    If you are going to take sentimental items with you, it’s important to realize that there are always risks involved. Sometimes things get lost (although you can insure them) or get broken in transit.


    If you plan to take a pet with you, you’ll need to have all the documents. They would include such things as vet’s certificates, vaccination documents, and travel permits. Your cat or dog may need to be kept in quarantine on arrival. It’s also important to check the airline’s policy if you are traveling by airplane. Some people are allowed to keep their pet under their seat (if it will fit) whilst others are required to store them in a special holding area.

    Consider The Language And Culture

    Even though many nations speak English, it’s wise to take language lessons before you go. It would be unfortunate if you had a crisis and were unable to communicate with the locals. Learning a foreign language is only the first step, however, because the culture also has to be understood. In fact, culture shock can be a very real experience when people move abroad. People have to learn how the locals do things, understand their body language and humor, and be conversant with their etiquette. Different nations have different values when it comes to clothes and modesty too.

    If people don’t understand these things, it can be easy to offend. Loneliness is common among people when they first move abroad. This makes it all the more important to be able to relate to people and to make friends.

    Whilst moving abroad can be daunting, it can also be life-changing when done wisely. It can open the door to brand new experiences and create friendships that may last a lifetime. Who knows: your best years may be ahead of you!

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