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    The Best Cities In The World For Remote Employees

    The Best Cities In The World For Remote Employees

    Online learning platform Preply has released a study that ranks 74 of the best cities worldwide for remote employees.

    Inspired by the pandemic’s impact on how society lives and works, Preply explored the concept of workation — a hybrid lifestyle of work and vacation. No longer forced to commute to an office, many employees can now choose where to live based on personal preferences, trading corporate cubicles for tropical beaches instead.

    The WORKATION Index compares cities across three categories: “Quality of Life” (English Language Proficiency, Healthcare, Travel Times in Min, Human Rights); “Climate and Environment” (Sunny Days, Temperature, Pollution); and “Costs and Safety” (School Fees, Safety, Rent). The data collected was then transferred into a scoring system (0-100) so all cities could be compared equally.

    Report Highlights

    The top 10 cities to live while working remotely are:

    1.Brisbane, Australia
    (perfect 100 score for Climate & Environment and 84.7 for Quality of Life)

    2. Lisbon, Portugal
    3. Nicosia, Cyprus
    4. Taipei, Taiwan
    5. Ljubljana, Slovenia
    6. Helsinki, Finland
    7. Vienna, Austria
    8. Auckland, New Zealand
    9. Ottawa, Canada
    10. Reykjavik, Iceland

    The 5 least desirable cities for remote work are:

    1. Jakarta, Indonesia
    (0 points for Climate & Environment and 14.8 for Quality of Life)

    2. Peking, China
    3. New York City, USA
    4. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
    5. Shanghai, China

    Most Affordable Rent: Brussels
    Least Affordable Rent: New York City
    Most Sunny Days: Dubai, EAU
    Least Sunny Days: Belfast, Great Britain
    Most Safe City: Taipei, Taiwan
    Least Safe City: Johannesburg, South Africa

    Additional Highlights

    • Climate and Environment: Biorhythms tell us we’re more active when it’s bright and more tired when it’s dark. Therefore, sunlight makes us more productive. Temperature can also have a positive impact on our productivity — 22 degrees Celsius is ideal.
    • Affordable Housing: Housing costs are by far the highest fixed monthly expense for the average consumer. In many households, more than half of one’s total income goes to their landlord.
    • Human Rights: Human rights are most widely respected in Europe, with the exception of Auckland, the capital of New Zealand.
    For a complete insight to all the data used for all 74 cities, click here. Full methodology here.

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