My Scarlett

The warm, serene summer ended and gripped us and sadness and joy. Rejoiced at the last warm rays of the sun and sadly whispered to them:

“Stay, do not leave …”. I remembered the heroine of the film “Gone With the Wind” Scarlett O’Hara, infinitely loving his native land – meadows, belts, lakes, so similar to those that we have. And immediately I wanted to photograph something like that. My friend Valeria is a very artistic model and similar in character to the heroine of the film. The image developed quickly and we collected her clothes from our wardrobe. When I came to the place of photography with her, the weather was wonderful, and we spent the whole evening shooting this series of photographs inspired by the last days of summer and the splendor of our native land.

Photographer: Julia Tyagushova | IG: @juliatyagushova

Model: Valeria Shevchenko | IG: @valeri_shevchenko_888

MUA & Hair: Ludmila Shevchenko | IG: @mila_shev74

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    My Scarlett

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