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    5 Great Ideas To Transform Your Garage

    5 Great Ideas To Transform Your Garage

    Your garage is either one of two things — your pride and joy or a nightmare that you dread to think of.

    The reasons are simple: you love to spend time in there working on projects or hanging out, or you’ve let it become an absolute disaster and wasteland that seems impossible to clean. No worries, this is a common issue for many people. Whether your garage is in good shape or messy, you can always do something to make it better. The best solution is to think about upgrading your garage, and luckily, it’s super easy to do. Making your garage a more hospitable place, and one that is actually usable just takes some simple fixes. Here are a few top ideas to implement in your garage makeover.

    Add a new garage opener

    The first idea is to add a new garage opener. It might seem like a small change, but a new garage opener can change your entire outlook of this part of your home. Not only does it make it easier for getting in and out of the home, especially when you forget your key, but quiet garage door openers are also a good option for making sure it’s not loud at night. This is useful when you’re coming home from work late and do not want to wake the family. And in general, a garage door opener is something that is just practical to have.

    Keep only garage tools in there

    You probably hate to go into your garage when it’s messy because there are toys and junk cluttered in there. This is definitely a problem and the solution is to focus on keeping only the necessities that should be in a garage. This means no kid’s toys or old boxes of junk; just keep your tools and anything that makes sense in there.

    Your garage can only hold so much, and if you can barely fit a car in it, then you definitely need to reconsider how much space you use it for and what you use it for.

    Invest in an actual tool rack or box

    Not only that, but where you put your tools is probably subpar as well. The best solution here is to put some money down on some real tool-holding equipment. That means ditching the old milk crates that you throw all your wrenches, hammers, or screwdrivers in, and get a standing toolbox or chest, a shelf, and a pegboard.

    This is going to save you so much time looking for tools, which will ease your frustration. But, it’s also going to do you wonders when it comes to clearing up space! When you can actually see the workbench surface, you might feel much more inclined to actually use the workbench. Stop pinching pennies and get some real tool and equipment storage.

    Add overhead storage bins

    On that note, you should also consider adding even more storage. One excellent solution is overhead storage bins. They won’t get in the way of your car or your tools but can be made accessible enough with a ladder or by adding them to a reachable shelf. They’re not expensive and they take no time to put up, so there’s really no excuse for not having them.

    Adding plenty of floating shelves around the garage will provide you will ample space for anything you need, and even if you need to keep some junk in the garage, at least the storage bins will keep it out of the way and unseen.

    Do a deep clean 

    You really need to think about doing a deep clean of the garage as well. While decluttering is important, it’s only one part of the battle to reclaim your garage. There is likely all kinds of sawdust, dirt, cobwebs, dust, and any kind of mess you can think of just lingering in your garage. It’s not supposed to be a room of the house that is so clean you can eat off the floor, but a messy garage is still an eyesore. Once you clean it, all of the additions will look even better as well.

    Your garage should be your dojo. You can go in there and enjoy a sit in your old recliner, or use it to start work on your next project, but whatever it is that you do in there, you want to do it in style. Making sure it’s clean and organized is a must which is why you need those top ideas on transforming your garage.

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