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    Garage Heater: Is It Worth The Investment?

    Garage Heater: Is It Worth The Investment?

    You have a garage in your home, and you use it as a storage facility for your car and other accessories.

    Perhaps, you love spending some quality time in the garage. Probably, it is still during the summer season, and the weather is comfortable and pleasing. Then, winter starts, and everything gets freezing outside. It’s all cold and snowy; make it even harder to get your car engine to start.

    If you’ve been holding off on getting a garage heater, the reasons below will prove how much it is a valuable investment for your home.

    More Warmth for Your Home

    During the winter season, your garage gets excessively cold compared to other rooms in your house. When you have a garage heater, it will warm up your garage and the adjacent rooms. Typically, the garage will warm up, and the hot air will rise towards the upper part of the place, which will also transfer to other rooms, particularly the ones above it.

    Care for Your Car

    A garage is a place to park your vehicle nearest to your home. It offers safety and convenience too. Please think of the many instances you get outside to warm your car before leaving for work. Then, the car engine would start, no matter how many times you try. It is frustrating and inconveniencing as well, and worse of all damages your vehicle a great deal.

    With the cold weather during the winter season, your car body parts will continuously expand and contract with the changing temperature conditions. Therefore, the engine contracts when it is cold. Anytime you start your vehicle, the metal parts expand. The sudden variations result in the engine block where your car won’t start, which wouldn’t happen if you are heating your garage in winter effectively. The constant attempts to thaw off the freezing water are also bad news to your vehicle.

    Additionally, the performance of the car battery will diminish, and so will the other body parts. However, a garage heater saves you the hassle by always keeping your car warm even during the winter season. Therefore, every morning it will be a typical start where you turn on your engine and leave without waiting for it to warm up.

    No Burst Pipes

    When it is cold, freezing is predominant. Therefore, any piping for your water system that goes through the garage suffers the risk of water freezing when the temperatures dip. On the other hand, when you have a garage heater, you eliminate the possibility of water freezing in your pipes when it is supposed to flow. Consequently, you will have no best pipes, which translates to more efficiency for your home water use.

    Eliminate Carbon Monoxide Buildup

    When you continuously turn on your car engine to warm up before leaving, it produces carbon monoxide. With a limited air supply in the garage compared to the outside environment, the build-up levels are fast. The polluted air can quickly seep into the rest of the other rooms in the house, making it uncomfortable to breathe.

    Save on Costs

    When you have a garage heater, you will save costs on frequent car repair and maintenance on your engine. Additionally, when the heat transfers to other rooms, you don’t have to worry about heating them as well. Therefore, you will save on turning on the heater in the specific places, saving you on utility bills. You will also eliminate the need to repair the water piping system when they burst due to water freezing. Furthermore, you will also save on fuel costs when you avoid warming up your car engine for a few minutes every morning before you leave home.

    Get More Space for Your Home

    You may have plenty of items that you store in your garage during the summer season. When it gets cold, you may need those too, moving them out of the garage to save you from any damages that may occur. On the other hand, a garage heater allows you to store any items in the garage conveniently without worrying they may spoil, like appliances.

    You can also have a favorite spot in your garage to perform other activities. If your pets stay in the garage, the heater will create a warm area for them, thus, keeping them comfortable. Additionally, you can also keep your exercise equipment and have an area to put up a play zone for your kids.

    With the garage heater, you will also increase your home’s value, making it pleasant when you are looking to sell. It is also a lot more comfortable to ride in a warm car compared to a cold car. If you have second thoughts on getting a garage heater, the above reasons eliminate any doubts. Think of the convenience of having a warm home throughout the year.

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    • Adam
      June 23, 2022

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