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    5 Motorcycle Riding Safety Tips

    5 Motorcycle Riding Safety Tips

    Motorcycles are great fun as we all love the thrill of fast speeds and the wind blowing on a blisteringly hot summer day.

    Despite this, motorcycles are incredibly dangerous, much more so than a car, and this is mainly due to the fact that riders are afforded little protection if there is an accident. It is, therefore, important to take every precaution possible before you go out for a ride if you want your adventure to be safe, and this is especially important if you have a passenger riding pillion.

    Here we are going to take a look at the top safety tips when riding.

    Choose The Right Bike For You

    There are hundreds of different bikes on the market, all with various sized engines, and often we choose a bike that is literally too big to handle. If you cannot support your bike’s weight, then it is too big for you, as you need to be able to control it easily. Make sure you can sit on it with both feet on the floor, as this indicates it’s the right size for you. If you haven’t ridden in a while, practice offroad as modern bikes are much more powerful than they were even 20 years ago, and you don’t want to be surprised when there is traffic around. There is no point in showing off by riding an oversized bike, it will just end in tears.

    Wear A Helmet

    Recently several states have repealed their laws that require riders to wear helmets, and frankly, this is utter madness. Guess what happened when the laws were repealed? Yep, you guessed it, fatality rates increased by over 40% for those involved in a motorcycle accident without a helmet! Why would you put yourself in this position? There is nothing big or bright about riding without a helmet, so do the sensible thing and wear one, helping to keep yourself and others safe from the trauma of a head injury and potential death.

    Be Alert

    As a motorcycle rider, you have to be alert to the fact that there are possible dangers all over the road. Not only have you got to worry about yourself, but you have to be aware of other vehicles who may not even be able to see you. Always check the weather conditions before you set out because wet conditions with leaves covering the road are your enemy. Make sure you avoid slippery white lines when turning and watch out for potholes that may seem small if you are in a car, but can send you flying if you hit them at speed when on your bike.

    Make Sure Your Bike Is Roadworthy

    Many many accidents when motorcycle riding is due to mechanical failure of the bike itself, and it is surprising how many people do not have their bikes regularly serviced. When biking your lifelines are your breaks, these should be your priority and should be visually checked every time you ride. In fact, you should give your bike a once-over every time you set out, ensuring tires have the right tread, set to the correct pressures, and make sure the chain is well oiled and devoid of debris. Ensure that your bike is in tip-top condition, and you will set out on every ride with the peace of mind knowing that you have done all you can to avoid an accident.

    Wear The Correct Clothing

    Wearing a helmet will, of course, protect your head, but what about the rest of your body? There is a reason that many riders are dressed in leathers, and it isn’t to look cool! The point of leather is that they help you to slide in the event of an accident without the friction taking a toll on your body and ripping all your skin off. Make sure you wear appropriate leather gear, including gloves, and also invest in a rigid jacket, motorcycle boots and ankle protectors. Finally, protect your eyes, keep you alert and alive, and invest in a robust pair of goggles so that you can see any eventuality down the road.

    Riding a motorcycle is tremendous fun but can also be very dangerous if you don’t take the appropriate safety precautions. Always wear a helmet and leather riding gear even in the heat of the summer, and make sure that your bike is the correct size for you and that you can cope with its power before you take it out. Stay alert when you are riding as often other road users may not be able to see you, and check the weather conditions, as wind rain and leaves on the road can lead to a disaster. Happy and safe riding everybody!

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    • Omar
      July 5, 2020

      Nice and useful tips, Anthony. Thanks for sharing!

      Also, did you take these SICK looking photos yourself?

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