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    CBD Crystals: Everything You Should Know

    CBD Crystals: Everything You Should Know

    CBD crystals are a way to consume ‘pure’ CBD. Also known as CBD isolate.

    They are versatile, easy to dose, and allow you to experiment in different ways.

    Below is a detailed explanation of CBD crystals – What are they? How are they different from other CBD products, like CBD oil? The usage, benefits, dosage, effects, and all you should know.

    What are CBD Crystals?

    CBD crystals are pure, concentrated forms of cannabidiol (CBD). They are isolated and purified extractions from the hemp plant. Another name for these CBD crystals is CBD isolate. They are very potent and can also be in the form of a CBD powder.

    The hemp plant contains cannabidiol and other components. These components are separated during the extraction process, leaving only CBD. You get at least 98% pure CBD. CBD crystals are odourless and tasteless.

    Because CBD crystals contain cannabidiol and nothing else, they are easy to dose. You can determine the amount of CBD you take in from the weight of the CBD crystals. If the CBD crystals measure 20mg, you get 20mg CBD upon ingestion.  

    CBD Oil or Crystals: Which one is better and effective?

    CBD oil and CBD crystals have high cannabidiol content. The best or most effective depends on what you want. CBD crystals dissolve to form pure CBD oil. Some studies show CBD works better when in combination with other cannabinoids and compounds. This phenomenon is known as the “entourage effect” Thus, CBD oil may have a more therapeutic effect than CBD isolate due to the presence of other compounds. You must note that CBD crystals are highly potent and work regardless.

    CBD crystals are ideal for people who want CBD in the purest form. Also, a perfect choice for you to experiment with CBD and try new methods of consumption. 

    How are CBD Crystals Made?

    Like other CBD products, CBD crystals are extracted from the hemp plant and refined. Extraction is from the hemp plant because it contains a high amount of CBD and a small amount of THC. The supercritical CO2 technique is the safest extraction method.

    After extraction, a purifying process takes place. The purification filters and removes all the other compounds from the CBD. A process known as ‘winterization’ comes after this. This last process removes any other material that may be present after filtration. 

    In the end, you have CBD crystals that are 98 to 99% pure. There are CBD isolates for sale with 99.9% pure CBD. 

    The whole process is critical, and often more expensive than the extraction of other CBD products.  

    Ways to use CBD Crystals

    CBD crystals are ‘flexible’ so you can use them in different ways. You can add to food, make your own CBD oil, or some custom products using CBD crystals. The list is endless. CBD crystals are tasteless and odourless, and won’t alter your recipe if you decide to add to food.

    Here are some of the ways to use CBD crystals:


    This method is simple and often associated with CBD tinctures. You place CBD crystals under your tongue to dissolve. Hold for some minutes – about 60 seconds – before you swallow.


    Inhalation involves ‘vaping’ or ‘dabbing’ the CBD crystals. This method is the most popular way of using CBD crystals. Dabbing requires an oil rig and dabbing tools. You put the CBD crystals on the dab tool and heat. Allow cooling for some minutes before you inhale. Vaping is almost the same as dabbing. It’s like using an e-cigarette. Here you need a vape pen or vaporizer from Kushoil vape cartridge Canada. You can also mix CBD crystals with your vape juice. Cooking

    You can dissolve CBD crystals in your cooking oil. CBD crystals are tasteless. You can cook or bake with it without altering the taste of your food. Keep the cooking temperature low when cooking or baking with CBD crystals. CBD loses its potency at high temperatures. 

    You can also add CBD powder or crystals to your favorite beverage. Dissolve into your juice, tea, smoothies, and enjoy a potent dose of CBD. 


    Cannabidiol has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. You can use CBD to improve your skin condition. Add to olive oil, coconut oil, or other skincare oil, and apply directly on your skin. You can also mix into your skincare products.

    CBD Oil

    You can add CBD crystals to carrier oils like MCT oil, hempseed oil, or olive oil, and make your own CBD oil. Here you mix about 1000mg (1g) of CBD crystals to 10ml oil, to get a potency of 10% CBD. You place the mixture in a hot water bath for ten minutes and allow dissolving. Voila! You have your CBD oil. Put in a bottle that has a dropper for easy administration.

    What are the benefits of CBD crystals?

    CBD crystals are pure, versatile, and highly potent. You enjoy the benefits of CBD while experimenting in different ways. Many people use CBD to treat chronic pain, relieve anxiety, stress, and improve sleep conditions. CBD is used widely for its health benefits.  

    CBD crystals have zero THC, so you don’t have to worry about drug tests. When you buy CBD products, you may notice they contain less than 0.3 % THC. This amount of THC is not psychoactive, but it may show in your system. CBD crystals are ideal for people who don’t want to fail a drug test. CBD crystals are simple to dose. You can measure the amount of CBD you take in. Also, they are multipurpose, odourless, and tasteless. You can consume in different ways, and try out new methods.

    How to Dose CBD Crystals Correctly

    The general rule with CBD products is to start low and go slow. With CBD crystals, you must note that they are about 99% pure. You need a little amount to achieve your desired effect. 

    A gram of CBD crystal contains a gram of CBD. It’s advisable to start with the lowest dose possible and work your way up. You can start with 5 – 10mg of CBD a day, and increase as you monitor your body’s response. Most of the CBD crystals for sale come with dosage guidelines. Be sure to follow the suggestions by the manufacturer.  

    Are there potential side effects of using CBD crystals?

    With the many benefits of using CBD crystals, you might wonder what the side effects are. CBD crystals are safe to use and have little side effects. These side effects are not adverse. They often occur in a few people when they take high amounts of CBD. Some of these side effects include digestive problems like nausea, diarrhea, and a change in appetite. Others are fatigue, drowsiness, or dry mouth. 

    If you have a health condition, consulting with your doctor is necessary before using CBD products.

    Where to buy CBD crystals

    You can buy CBD products from online stores. Buying CBD products online is easy – place an order, and they deliver to you. Some brands have their stocks in some physical shops too. You can check your local dispensaries and drug stores. You can also browse their websites for information on local retailers. 

    You may not be able to buy CBD products if you’re below 18 or 21.


    There are CBD crystals for sale in several places. You can buy from a trusted brand and add it to your daily routine.  

    Remember to go through the reviews on a website before you buy CBD products online. The FDA doesn’t regulate the production of most CBD isolates for sale. The reviews and third-party test results on the brand’s website will help you make a top choice.

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