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    Event Planning 101: How To Prepare For An Upcoming Event

    Event Planning 101: How To Prepare For An Upcoming Event

    The success of an event heavily depends on high attendance.

    If you planned a wedding event and expected 100 guests yet only 10 showed up, you would consider the event a failure. Before considering the logistics of the event, you will need swinger signs. Swinger signs are like mini billboards which let the guest know what event they are attending.

    Without them, guests would assume that your planned event was simply another gathering. After you are satisfied with the swinger signs of your choice, it is now time to follow crucial steps for your event to be successful.

    Pen down SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound) goals

    To meet specific goals, avoid being vague. Here is a vague statement for instance, “I want many people to turn up.” Instead word it by saying, “I want 200 people to turn up.” Measurable goals help an event planner assess an event’s success. Figures have to be quoted. Instead of saying, “My event will be successful,” say, “My event will be a success if 100 people turn up.”

    An achievable goal stresses the importance of budgeting within your means. Do not plan a million-dollar event, when you only have one hundred thousand dollars. For relevant goals, ensure that your goals align with what you want. For instance, if you want to hire a guest comedian then note it down. Do not be swayed by others. All events need a specific time for when they will start and end. You will therefore need to note down the date and time you intend for the event to start.

    Pick a venue

    This task is not a walk in the park since there are factors you have to consider. Some of these factors include the number of guests, accommodation, catering, and parking spaces, and so on. For a detailed breakdown of the factors, here is this link for your reference:

    Hiring entertainment equipment

    No event can be held in silence. Can you imagine attending a wedding event with no music? People largely attend events for food and entertainment. No one cares about the wedding of John and Jane. For entertainment equipment, budget for speakers, microphones, mixing desk, and a music player from a laptop or phone.

    Ensure your music playlist is diverse. Not all people listen to the same genre of music. If children will be present in an event with their parents, then resist the urge of playing vulgar songs. Hiring agencies to help you set up your event is an excellent choice as they are experienced and provide all sorts of equipment, check to know more and how they can be of service to you.

    Create an event page

    Assuming you have identified a venue and have all the necessary equipment, it is then time to market your event. People will only attend your event if they get to hear of it. To start with, you will need to create an event page. Creating a website for your event is not a challenging task. Here is an easy platform to use to create one:

    After you create your website, you can then market your link through your social media platforms. To reach even more people, you can urge your friends to send the link to other friends they have. Also, you can print out flyers. You shouldn’t use one tool for marketing. Combine as many marketing tools as you can.

    Sending invitations for a private event

    Sometimes an event planner may only want specific guests to attend their event. If this is the case, then you need to process a guest list. You will send your invitation to them either through a text message or email.


    The last step is to set up the venue just before your guests arrive. It is better to set it up a day before the event. If people show up to the venue and find empty seats or no swinger signs, they may become confused. Others may leave the venue in anger.

    As you arrange the seats, ensure that the sound equipment works well. In any event, you can expect endless speeches. As a result, you need to ensure that microphones and speakers work well. Nobody wants to hear a speaker’s voice fading in and out over a malfunctioned microphone.

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