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    How You Can Lower Your Gas Bill And Save Money

    How You Can Lower Your Gas Bill And Save Money

    Have you been experiencing a spike in your gas bills?

    If this has been the case lately, brace on as we take you through the various ways you can keep your gas bills to a minimum.

    Home maintenance is a crucial aspect, and one that is often misconstrued. It involves an overhaul analysis of the areas that might affect your well being, comfort, and finances.

    Your heating and cooling needs should always be factored in when it comes to regular checks and repairs.

    These are ways you can help to not only keep your home efficient but also help to keep your utility bills on the low. So, how can you lower your gas bills, you might ask. Here’s how:

    1. Re-evaluate Your Energy Plans

    The thing is, you might be a victim of being overcharged by your gas supplier. It’s understandable that gas and electricity rates are high, and running your home on these energy sources isn’t anywhere near cheap. But then again, you shouldn’t be overcharged. Cory McGown, an energy analysis expert at, says that you might consider checking out for better gas and electricity deals. Before you blame your appliances for your high gas bills, you might want to recheck those rates.

    Below are ways to avoid your gas company overcharging you: 

    • Keep tabs on your meter readings.
    • Ensure that your gas meter is in top-notch conditions by having your gas company perform routine maintenance checks on it.
    • Query any additional costs on your gas bills.
    • Switch to another supplier.

    2. Ensure That Your Gas Appliances Are Running Efficiently

    Efficient gas appliances will help to keep your gas bills on the low. This, however, cannot be said about gas appliances that are old, outdated, and inefficient. You might want to consider having such appliances undergo routine maintenance checks. Whether it’s replacing parts or investing in modern devices, it will be a necessary investment that will save you big bucks in the long haul. Modern gas appliances are more energy-efficient as they are built with cutting-edge tech to ensure that they run smoothly and, while at it, utilize just the right amount of energy.

    3. Is Your Water Heater Insulated?

    If you are using a modern water heater, then this shouldn’t be a problem as they come already insulated. Nevertheless, anyone using a water heater made some decades back, then this is for you. The reason to have your water heater insulated is to ensure that the heated water stays hot for a long time. This will also come in handy during the cold winter season. Insulating the water heater will prevent the adjacent pipes from freezing while keeping the water temperatures high.

    4. Winterize Your Home

    Getting through the cold winter season is no easy thing, and your appliances can attest to this. Your heating needs will increase, and as a result, your heating units will be forced to work even harder. You can give your HVAC system a more manageable time by insulating your home. This will ensure that the warm air inside stays inside, and cold air stays outside. You can start by insulating your windows and doors with caulk. This will reduce any chance of draft and, in doing so, minimize your gas usage when warming your home.

    5. Change Of Lifestyle

    A change of lifestyle can, in so many ways, affect your wallet. Depending on your everyday gas uses, you might experience a spike in your gas bills. If you have invited friends over or have changed your marital status from single to married, it might explain the high gas bills. If this is the case, then you might benefit from the tips shared in this article.

    6. Interchange Gas With Solar Power

    Installing solar panels is a great way to increase your house’ resale value. But more so, it’s also a great way to minimize your utility bills. This means that the solar panels will heat your water during the day, and the gas heater will only be used as a backup energy source when the sun is way past the horizon. The initial investment might be costly, but it will all be worth it in the long run.

    Now, that’s how you lower your gas bills! You might consider an energy audit from the pros to help you understand your energy uses better. This is especially the case if you are running a business and need your energy bills evaluated and lowered. Such an exercise might open you up to more possibilities and options.

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