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    Moldavite Stone: Can It Really Control Your Emotion?

    Moldavite Stone: Can It Really Control Your Emotion?

    Formed more than a dozen million years ago due to an asteroid impact, the famous green tektite stone called Moldavite has taken the world by storm since it was first discovered.

    Out of all crystals, this has proven to be the strongest. It is a rare stone named after the Moldau river in the Czech Republic where it was found. Moldavite has striking features and capabilities. It produces intense frequencies and vibrations that almost fuses extraterrestrial power from the cosmos with the energy on Earth.

    This certainly makes it popular in metaphysics. While everyone reacts differently to Moldavite, it is undeniable that it has a significant influence on their feelings. This makes it the top contender in the field of psychic energy and healing.

    This article will delve more into the psychic features of this wonderful stone and its effect on people’s emotions.

    Moldavite Distinctive Properties

    Moldavite is an admirable stone or crystal. It exists in various shades of green, such as olive, greenish-brown, and yellowish-green. The celestial basis of  Moldavite makes it notably appealing to a lot of people in spiritual and astrological practices.

    It has transformational properties; this is why it is often referred to as the stone of transformation. It makes an outstanding stone for dreamwork, meditation, or healing. Its vibrational energy is extremely strong, so people should be cautious when dealing with it, especially for the first time. It harbors a higher dimension of light and energy due to being extraterrestrial.

    How to Use Moldavite

    There are numerous ways to use this powerful stone. You can hold it in your hands and let the energy course through you. It is advised to seek the help of a healer or a professional on your first try as the experience can get intense and disorienting sometimes. This natural glass formed from meteorite impacts can also be worn as jewelry, letting your energy not be overwhelmed with excess vibrational frequency. Although dizziness can be experienced at first, it gradually fades away with practice. It also helps to have other stones combined with moldavite to lessen its strength and increase its impact during meditation.

    The Magical Effect on the Heart Chakra

    The presence of Moldavite stone on your person whether by holding it or wearing it activates your heart chakra. This term typically refers to the core of all the deep emotions, feelings, and spiritual aspects of your personality. Opening up this chakra involves a strong welling up of emotions and a warm feeling in the center of the heart. You can feel a notable and intense emotional release caused by moldavite through laughter, tears, or overwhelming sensations. Also, you can get Chakra Necklace for healing sensation. People believe this type of necklace can heal your unbalanced chakras in life.

    You can also feel as if a weight has lifted off your chest, which could feel exhilarating and liberating. It can remove any blockages you have, so you can know more about your needs and wants in life. Since it deals with matters of the heart, it can also help you envision your soulmate. All of this depends on your spiritual and emotional state before using the stone in addition to your current circumstances.

    Protection of Wealth

    We are constantly worrying over our possessions, lives, and legacies. It is important to have a sense of safety and security, and this is where moldavite comes into play. It acts as a powerful talisman whose energy can soothe our worries, protect us from harm, and even guide our way through life. It can also provide the strength to endure hardships and disappointments.

    Mental Health Improvement

    In addition to influencing your heart,  Moldavite also plays a pivotal role in reclaiming your brain. Meditating with moldavite stimulates a healing process that can revitalize and boost your mental receptors to let your body, soul, and more importantly, mind heal.

    The energy it releases opens your troubled mind to newer and higher levels of power. Remember that  Moldavite strives for transformation, so it goes on cleansing past traumas, underlying issues, and bottled up emotions. It then guides you to the path of healing. It also supports individual, collective, or ancestral healing.

    Moldavite and Self-discovery

    Using  Moldavite can result in an epiphany for some people. It helps them rediscover their true selves by giving their life a whole new purpose. When you have a clear purpose in life, this will reflect on your actions and decisions. Making radical decisions in life will then affect the emotional, mental, and physical health. It helps you choose wisely and results in a more positive outlook on life.

    The real power comes from within. It exists in our mind and heart; the key is to know how to harness such power. This is how  Moldavite comes into the picture. This mysterious, strong green stone can tap into our emotions and improve our health. With the guide provided here, you can utilize  Moldavite properties to your advantage and lead an exceptional life.


    • Amy Savaglio
      June 3, 2021

      I have loved having my Moldavite necklace. She told me her name is Cordelia. Later, in watch a show that was really hitting my emotions because of PTSD, a woman was named Cordelia. It shocked me out of crying and and I looked up what the name meanings……” HEART”😳wow

    • Xyz
      September 18, 2021

      I was having a really hard time, crying every couple of hours, very anxious. I decided it was time to go back to moldavite again. Wore it on my chain and I feel so much relief. I was emotionally exhausted and I feel stronger now.

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