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    Ways To Make Money From Items Around The House

    Ways To Make Money From Items Around The House

    Your house could be very good at making you some money.

    It’s true – we accumulate a lot of possessions over our lifetimes and they can end up being valuable one day. And whether you need a bit of extra cash to help pay the bills, you’re trying to save up for something special, or you just need an excuse for a clearout, this is your moment to capitalize!

    No matter the reason you’re looking to make a bit more spending money right now, there’s a good chance you’ve got a hidden gem in your house somewhere that’ll do the heavy lifting for you.

    Have a Collection?

    Any number of collections are fetching upwards of $1000 these days, and the older your collection, the more someone will be willing to pay for it. First edition books and board games, for example, can go for over $100,000 a piece! And while you may not have such an extensive range of collectible items, you can still get online and find out what those toys you loved as a kid could be worth.

    Got an Old Car?

    Old cars can be worth huge chunks of money when they’re in good condition and are still road-ready. In fact, if the car can be driven and has little to no outward issues, you could see a payday of $30,000! But even if your old car hasn’t turned on in a few years, you can use a junk car value calculator to see what you could get when you turn it into scrap. It might not be the tens of thousands you were expecting, but you could still get $1000 or more here.

    Own a Lot of Clothes?

    Clothes can make a lot of money when you’re tired of wearing them. If they don’t fit anymore but are in good condition, you can sell them for upwards of $5 a piece on apps like Depop and Vinted, or even just on eBay. People love getting cheap clothes to pack out their own wardrobes and your old jeans or cami tops could go a long way to outfitting someone else’s summer look! Grab a box and go through your wardrobe right now to find out what you could do away with.

    Haven’t Cleared the Attic Out in a While?

    Clearing out the attic can lead to a whole treasure trove! People have found all sorts of valuables up there before, from vintage letters to rare watches and jewelry and you could be no different. If you’ve got some things your grandparents left you, why not take a picture and post it online to see what offers you get? And until your entire attic is cleared out, make a habit of this – if you don’t use/wear it, you don’t need to keep it.

    Your house could make you money in a variety of ways. You’ve just got to search out the hidden valuables and find the right buyers for them!

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