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    Summer Cooking Tips And Tricks For BBQ & Grilling

    Summer Cooking Tips And Tricks For BBQ & Grilling

    Summer Cooking Tips And Tricks For BBQ & Grilling

     There’s no better way to celebrate all the spring and summer holidays than with a grilled meal, especially grilled BBQ!

    BBQ Tips:

    • Rubs and Brines:  The biggest benefit to BBQ is the low and slow cooking method that allows even the toughest cuts of meat to break down.  Impacting flavor with brines and rubs seasons the meat down to the center and impacts flavor, texture, and help retain all the juiciness. Our favorite sauce and rub? Smoke Daddy BBQ’s.

    • Know your meat:  You can smoke and BBQ for 10 minutes or 10 hours.  Make sure you have a plan for your BBQ, know your time and temperature goals.  Keep notes, once you nail your favorite recipe, make it again and again. Lastly, talk with your local butcher about the best cuts for what you’re trying to accomplish.

    Grill Tips: July is National Grilling Month

    • Grease your Grates:  Whether you use a spray or a rag sloshed in canola oil, keeping grill grates well lubricated is super important. This not only is the easiest way to keep your grill looking new, but it also makes sure that your protein doesn’t stick, leaving all of the flavors on the grill.

    • Watch your heat:  It’s important to get the grill fired up early so you can get the heat up and get that perfect sear on your meats.  The trick is knowing what temperature you want to drop down to for finishing meats and cooking vegetables. Remembering to treat the grill like an oven when the lid is closed and maintaining that 325-375 degree range give you better control in perfectly cooking meats and vegetables. Your grill should be able to maintain this temperature nicely unless it doesn’t have good heat retention features. Make sure you’re using a grill from trusted brands like Memphis Grills to avoid over or undercooking your meat.

    Happy Grilling!

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    Summer Cooking Tips …

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