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    Top Tips For Improving Your Sleep

    Top Tips For Improving Your Sleep

    In life, it is important to get enough sleep so we can function properly.

    No matter what our plans are for the next day, we can’t do these so well if we are tired! If you go to bed after a busy day and still can’t sleep, it is important to find out why.

    No matter your career, whether you work on something such as boat storage services, are a teacher, or are a personal trainer, you will need to be focused the next day at work.

    Here are some top tips for improving your sleep…

    Reduce Your Screen Time Before Bed

    A mistake that many people get trapped into, is using their phone or watching TV just before deciding to go to sleep. The light from your mobile device is very intense, tricking your body into feeling more awake than it should. This means that when you are trying to drop off, your body isn’t relaxed yet, resulting in you struggling to fall into a deep sleep. Using your mobile device before bed is a big habit and can be hard to stop straight away, therefore consider using the bedtime mode on your device. This mode reduces the harshness of your device, helping your body to relax and for you to have a better night’s sleep.

    Adjust Your Sleeping Conditions

    Have you ever paid attention to the conditions that you are sleeping in? It may be that something within the room is affecting the way you sleep. For example, do your curtains block out enough light? Is it too cold or too warm within your apartment? And how are the noise levels within? It could be something as simple as adjusting one of the three points above that will help you when going to sleep. Sometimes listening to calming music when trying to sleep can help, or a mindfulness podcast.

    Keep A Sleep Diary

    Keeping a sleep diary is a very effective method for trying to help improve your sleep quality. There are many apps that you can download, or you can use an old-fashioned method of pen and paper. By keeping track of what you have been doing, you can see if any trends occur when you have a bad night’s sleep. It could be that you are doing something and each time you do that thing, you struggle to sleep, but without keeping track you don’t realize. For example, maybe you play football every Thursday and try to go to sleep too soon after participating.

    Reduce The Amount You Drink Before Bed

    When going to sleep, try not to consume any liquids 1 hour before bedtime. Staying hydrated throughout the day is important but if you consume too much before bed, it can affect your sleep quality. Not only will your body be working to process it, but you may also find yourself waking up to go to the toilet. If you do find yourself waking up needing the toilet, try and use your bathroom just before you go to bed.

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